Live for Tomorrow


These days that are mine,

The nights, so fine,

They were once yours,

And today they’re broken.


My faith was once mighty,

Would never doubt, not slightly,

I trusted myself once,

Today my faith stands frozen.


A happy child I was,

Before we declared war,

Now I stand here where,

Innocence and happiness are lost.


Young in heart, and pure in soul,

Couldn’t see yours, black as coal,

I lived in the promise,

That was nothing but betrayal.


But my being will heal,

Your fate I’ll seal,

By letting go, of your poison,

I will let go of my pain.


The Sun and Moon,

Will bear witness and swoon,

To the annihilation of a love,

All but destined for doom.


I shed my skin, bruised and worn,

From within, a woman will be born,

She will know not of pain, or sorrow,

She’ll forget the past, and live for tomorrow.