My Thorny Path.

I stand behind this door,

A door larger than the room behind,

If it’s holding me in or keeping you out,

It doesn’t say, to me it isn’t kind.


I push and lean against it,

All my strength and might I give,

It doesn’t budge, not even a little,

I wonder if I must push till I live.


I hear your voice from beyond,

Beyond the great barricades you stand,

You sound distant and act it too,

There’s no pain like this in all the land.


But the power of love understands none of this,

All it see’s are two fools, desperate to damage,

The purest form of life ever known to both,

And kill it till there’s nothing left to salvage.


That very force renews my resolve,

I take this bull by its horns and try,

This time I feel the doors give a little,

I push harder, the sheer effort makes me cry.


To humor me, the door gives a little,

A shadow in retreat I see, but just a glimpse,

Heart racing, I shove harder with renewed life,

The door falls open, and I,with relief, limp.


Alas, my fears are realised,

For what lies beyond is not you,

What lies beyond is just the path,

The path you walked, to everything new.


I see your footsteps in the tracks,

I see the misery in every time you looked back,

You believed I held the keys to past,

Can’t call out, through the tears, my voice wont crack.


So now I’m stranded on the other side,

Where you always stood tall,

This feels distorted, it makes my skin crawl,

I swallow my pride, and brace myself for the fall.


I walk in your wake, intimidated by the forest,

Looked upon with disdain by the night,

Head bowed in shame, I trudge along,

Your memory remains my only fuel in this fight.


Apprehension settles in my bones,

Your face swims in front of my face,

This is my last chance at being rescued,

From my own devilry and disgrace.


And so I must embrace this fear,

I must befriend the pain and your wrath,

The crime is mine, now so is the punishment,

I accept the retribution, and walk along this thorny path.