Music To Her Soul

Running away from life,
She went further and further,
Into a world she’s made,
Her safe haven from herself.

Heart ache an old friend,
She met disappointment,
And pain through her journey,
She was in places bruised and broken.

A light she said she looked for,
A guide she said she wanted,
Some truth, a little faith,
A little love, was all she asked for.

As the music played in her ears,
She heard each beat  and its story,
She heard every note and its sorrow,
For all she had left was the music.

In times trying she turned,
To those songs that would,
Make her forget the regret,
Make her one with the music.

The girl grew into a woman,
Wrote a love song for her beloved,
A melody that she wore with pride,
A harmony for the two to live.

It was music that saved her soul,
It was her songs that made her forget,
When the demons from her past haunted,
Her music was all she wanted.

We all have our saviors,
We all know pain,
But what love was to her heart,
Music was to her soul.

The Lessons We Learn.

Always a lesson to be learnt in everything,

Behind every failure, and each failing,

Learn it the easy way now,

Or fate will do the needful, and how.


When you stumble and stumble again,

There are forces working at odds, you claim,

The fault cannot be yours, you insist,

Afraid of what lies beyond this ignorant mist.


While the world observes your silent misery,

You run from the reality that you’ve created, clearly,

The burden of escape, comes back compounded,

Waiting for you to turn around, astounded.


It’s a short life, my little friend,

As soon as you can, make amends,

Like an ostrich, you dug your head in the sand,

Now pay the price, play with the dealt hand.


The lover and friend you shunned at random,

The mother and father you hurt in tandem,

All that forgiveness came at a price,

And you gambled it away, with the roll of a dice.


This lesson, had you in time learnt,

Along with your misery, the pain would’ve burnt,

But you chose to keep the evil alive,

What you escaped then, now twice will arise.


Remember always what you were told,

There’s never a problem too big for the bold,

It’s never too late to right a wrong,

But don’t call him back, the one who is gone.


Some lessons well learnt, were forgotten by you,

Some lessons were unlearned on his side too,

And now you stand alone with your sorrow,

Fearing your dark and bleak tomorrow.


Well delayed, but the process must start now,

The healing must begin, to the gods, take a bow,

Nothing but a puppet you all but remain,

From the same mistakes now, you must  refrain.


The gift you lost, so precious,

The throne in a heart so spacious,

Where you ruled for years with flourish,

A man meant for love, and just to cherish.


It’s this lesson that you forgot to read,

That the warning of the fates you failed to heed,

What comes back twice, won’t come back again,

The third time is no charm, just an empty claim.


Why do you cry now, why must you repent,

The clock has been ticking, been long since he went,

Must have gone quite a distance,

He hasn’t looked back, no such instance.


Now let’s open our eyes, and re-evaluate,

What we have left, what is still on our plate,

There’s not much, not much in your net,

Pick up the piece, that’s your best bet.


Stand again, at the starting line,

And pray for mercy, to the lords divine,

That this too, may come to pass,

Or, to give you strength to walk over glass…