Worth The Fight.

If it’s real, then I must be a lie,

If it hurts, then I’m sure it’s left you shy,

If I’m asleep, someone must lie awake,

If love is sacred, then why do lovers cry. .


When the leaves turn, and skies burn,

Someone somewhere begins to see,

That through the forest of sorrow,

Everyone walked, the one who made it, was he.


If this path is tough, and bruises singe,

Then this road must lead to heaven,

If the tears flow, like never before,

It must be the hour eleven.


If we’re all dying, then why live in fear,

There must be someone, to hold you near,

If god is benign, then you won’t suffer forever,

There must be someone, to hold you dear.


If only we saw, the truth in ourselves,

We’d love a little wiser and true,

If only we looked a little higher,

We’d see why the sky was so blue.


Below the heavens and above the earth,

There lie many mysteries and fables,

Most about love, some about hate,

Some about being across the table.


While we live our lives away,

A little truth I leave you with,

If you don’t lie within your heart,

Your love for another, is but a myth.


When we embrace the colors,

When we welcome the light,

You will see my love,

Life is worth the fight.

Waking Up.

Face down, out of breath, as you try to push your pain away with lifeless limbs, and when you find yourself screaming into your pillow, you know the time has come. You always knew something was wrong. You always told yourself you’re nuts to be unhappy. In spite of your intuition and despite your misery, you carry on telling yourself how happy you are. You know what I call that? I call that waking up. I call it falling out of love. I know Love is described as the nearest one can get to living a fairy tale, but life isn’t a fairy tale. It’s a satire. It’s more like a dark comedy, if you have the sense of humor to digest it, of course.

After seeing the dark side of the moon that is my life, I decided that I needed to figure myself out. Who am I, outside the imaginary fairy tale I’d been living in. I needed to answer some very hard and very harsh questions. The answers that I deserve would never come from the quarters that owe them to me. So once again, I found myself searching my own soul for closure. A friend calls what I did next “running away”. I call it a time out. My life has become a series of unfortunate events and I’m tired and exhausted. To step out of this vicious circle of crap, I went to the only place on the planet that offers sanctuary to even the unholiest of men, my parents. I did nothing, I spoke to no one. My days became a cocktail of big bang theory, how i met your mother, gossip girl, and many movies. I did nothing. except walk. I walked for hours every evening. I wasn’t ready to speak to anyone. So I spoke to myself. I realized a few things. A little too late, but at least some of my questions were answered.

I realized that the boundaries of compromise can be very delicate. And once broken, the consequences can be severe enough to kill the cause of the sacrifice. There is only so much one should bend. Even for love. Specially for love.

The voice inside that says No is the one to hear. the voice inside that Yes, should be the one that guides you. Listen to yourself before letting in the noise from everyone around. There’s a truth about you that only you know and only you can fight for. And if you don’t, it will defeat you. So don’t run. Not from who you are, nor towards who you’re not. Its a habit on the to break list, definitely.

While I walked up and down the same roads every day, I found myself averse to trying out new routes, and the one day that Dad insisted I try a different path, I went along, but came back to my route the very next day. That’s life. A false sense of comfort and a habit of the familiar begin to dictate the course of our life too. We forget to try new things. We forget to break old habits. We forget that change is constant and that is fact to be embraced. You cannot hold on to something that is destined to go away. Someone once commented on a one of my poems, “The art of losing is not hard to master – some things are so filled with intent of loss, that losing them is no disaster.” I’ve learnt to lose. I’ve learnt that the only way I can do it with a smile on my face, is to get used to it. If in the attempt to adapt, a few wins come my way, I will be consider myself blessed.

You could sky write your whole destiny in hope to making it come true with the power of thought but only what is destined will happen- wrong. I used to think I don’t control what happens to me. It’s all decided by the big guy upstairs. What I’ve realized now is that the way i want my life to be, it will turn out to be like that, only I didn’t know how it was done before. Now, I think I have a fairly better idea. Practice. Practice to have faith. Not only in your desires but in your own capability to fulfill these desires for yourself. Why is it that the pair of shoes we see in the shops ends up in our closet a week later? Because we know that I want it. I can get them when my pay cheque arrives. So i have to work for another week to get them. But when we fall in love, we are ridden with thoughts of betrayal and insecurity, but we pray that we ride into the sunset with our beloved. So we know what we want, but have no faith in our ability to get it. Is it any surprise that you aren’t the somebody that rode away.. It’s no surprise at all.

Lastly, there are some things that are honestly out of your control. Maybe while you were praying for rain, someone else was praying for sunshine and they prayed a little harder than you. Forgive yourself. If you want a shot at your future, forgive yourself before you consider forgiving those who wronged you. Within this life, the scores of Karma are settled. So there is very little left for us to do, save forgiving yourself for mistakes made out of being blind and foolish in love, and atone for the ones we made to hurt other. Leave the justice of the world to God. Nothing you don’t need will ever happen to you, whether you realize it or not.

I’d just like to leave you with this thought, that it isn’t over until the fat lady sings. So don’t draw the curtain on your own play.

The Best Kept Secret

“The Secret” I rediscovered today,

My bedside buddy from those long nights,

I’ve missed the wisdom and tales alike,

It’s been out of mind since it fell out of sight.


As simple a read as any, this one,

But it packs a punch like none other,

The message it holds for one and all,

That your desire, is your destiny’s mother.


It taught me a lesson, when I was young,

I was moonstruck and silly in my love for you,

It taught me how it worked, the law of attraction,

And how it was, that love only graced a few.


I drank it all in, and imbibed the message,

Slowly and steadily, I mastered the art,

But never was I known for my student skills,

I got what I wanted, and forgot the rest of the part.


Years have passed, life has come full circle,

I stand right where I was all those years ago,

I guess the time has finally arrived,

To begin the climb, and let life and love together flow.


Why must I weep for your departure,

Or wait for your possible return,

When I can pray and dream of our life instead,

And just let every tear and all the pain burn.


Our stories will always be intertwined,

I feel blessed to have lived the dream,

You helped me develop my attitude of gratitude,

Made me so happy that I could scream.


No more tears I promise you today,

That’s not the welcome I wish for you,

You’ll find the red carpet rolled out,

Along with everything as fresh as dew.


Life is about taking chances,

I took one that didn’t pay,

Lost a gamble, that’s no biggie,

But don’t you forget, to cease the day.


I feel like I found an old friend again,

A friend, guide and philosopher, this book,

It’ll give you the answers that you seek,

Just give it a shot, take a look.


I will us to come to our senses,

I pray, see, and hope for it to manifest,

I will hold on to the remenants of my courage,

I will prove my mettle, I will pass this test.


A little faith, a little hope, a little love will go a long way,

Believe in what you know to be true,

Introduce your destiny to it’s master,

For enlightenment to flow, that’s the cue.


Let’s take charge today, of our minds and souls,

Let’s come together and make a change,

Let’s create a world made up of love,

Where lonliness and anger, just feel strange.


This will work, the fates assure me,

That this time, there will be no regret,

Let the big guy up there work his magic,

While I let you in, on the best kept secret.