I lay brick over brick,
Laboriously I build,
Walls so tall around me,
So no one around can see.

I paint myself invisible,
I hide myself away,
Behind those walls, so mighty,
So no one can touch me, even slightly.

I welcome the night,
It brings with it the darkness,
A blanket, if you will,
Under which I can lie, still.

It’s not my fears,
That make me look away,
It’s the pain of my misery,
It’s us, and our history.

It’s the walking away,
It’s the breaking of hearts,
It’s how you tore me down,
Turned every smile to a frown.

It’s these walls alone,
That can keep me safe,
Away from the eyes,
Away from a love that dies.

I build these walls,
Brick by each brick,
To keep myself hidden,
To save me from the anarchy within.

Live for Tomorrow


These days that are mine,

The nights, so fine,

They were once yours,

And today they’re broken.


My faith was once mighty,

Would never doubt, not slightly,

I trusted myself once,

Today my faith stands frozen.


A happy child I was,

Before we declared war,

Now I stand here where,

Innocence and happiness are lost.


Young in heart, and pure in soul,

Couldn’t see yours, black as coal,

I lived in the promise,

That was nothing but betrayal.


But my being will heal,

Your fate I’ll seal,

By letting go, of your poison,

I will let go of my pain.


The Sun and Moon,

Will bear witness and swoon,

To the annihilation of a love,

All but destined for doom.


I shed my skin, bruised and worn,

From within, a woman will be born,

She will know not of pain, or sorrow,

She’ll forget the past, and live for tomorrow.

Watch You From Above.

So this is how it happened,

This was just a ploy,

A spineless being, aren’t you,

And I was nothing but your toy.


Blithely unaware I lived,

For years and years and years,

And this now is my punishment,

To see the reality of all my fears.


So many answers this day has brought,

That I was nothing but a fool,

Why I was always so hot and bothered,

And you nonchalant and cool.


Swathed in realizations bitter blanket,

I hope this heat engulfs me here and now,

Your darkness has left me lost,

I’ve lost my sense of what, why and how.


The girl who stood at the station,

Impatiently waiting for you to arrive,

Is turning away from herself now,

Kill the love now, it must not survive.


The days I spent creating,

A palace out of thin air,

Now just a waste of time and heart,

My soul tells tales of this game, unfair.


The End has finally arrived,

You think what you’ve done is right,

Even her name sounds like mine,

You watch yourself now fight this fight.


In your darkest hours my thought will haunt,

You wont breathe without my name in your head,

Its this fate you’ve brought upon yourself,

And more pain to the world you have fed.


There is plenty that I hid from you as well,

But my heart remained true, as did my love,

You’ve forgotten the gods and Karma,

While I weep away, they watch you from above.

As Long As You Will Be.

Its another silent day,

Breathing cuz I must,

Eye’s that watch but don’t see,

As our world crumbles to dust.


Beauty in the darkness,

People like us do find,

Some write, some paint,

The pain makes some go blind.


In every nook and cranny,

A verdict in every voice,

They knew we’d fail,

I don’t care, to me, its all noise.


That knot in your throat,

The one that you cant swallow,

Forever there, choking you,

The one making you feel hollow.


I find it in me as well,

Lodged in my heart,

A part of the beating,

An end that precedes the start.


I wonder if there’s a voice,

Calling you from within,

Like the one speaking through me,

Longing for peace to reign.


I wonder if somewhere,

My patience has defeated me,

And if I’ll wait for you,

For as long as you will be.