For Love And Nothing But Love.


And as i fall deeper and deeper in love, you pull me back into the dark abyss of make believe. You make up fables that i believe and lose my mind over the reality of you and i. The weak heart that lives in me, so eager to surrender, knows not your stealthy ways. Exhumed in the sea of my karma, my soul rests in waiting. Waiting for an awakening from its dreams of the idea of you. Oh heart, you show me visions of a life I’ve lived once and left behind. The very visions of a life i’m yet to live. So vivid your colors in my mind’s eye, I’m delirious with you just a breath away. I’m out of breath for you’re stealing my very life blood through your touch. Faith, you and I must walk these roads together, and Hope must lead the way. I’m but a paradoxical being, lost and found by many, but belong to none. There are desires that beckon hesitantly to me, I walk to them and hold them close to my heart. A day will arrive and carry me with my heart on my sleeve. The day the sun will shine just for me and engulf me in its golden warmth. For love and nothing but it, will I breathe then. For love and nothing but love.

As Long As You Will Be.

Its another silent day,

Breathing cuz I must,

Eye’s that watch but don’t see,

As our world crumbles to dust.


Beauty in the darkness,

People like us do find,

Some write, some paint,

The pain makes some go blind.


In every nook and cranny,

A verdict in every voice,

They knew we’d fail,

I don’t care, to me, its all noise.


That knot in your throat,

The one that you cant swallow,

Forever there, choking you,

The one making you feel hollow.


I find it in me as well,

Lodged in my heart,

A part of the beating,

An end that precedes the start.


I wonder if there’s a voice,

Calling you from within,

Like the one speaking through me,

Longing for peace to reign.


I wonder if somewhere,

My patience has defeated me,

And if I’ll wait for you,

For as long as you will be.

No Present, Nor Past

The pages turn,

The sands flow,

I look above,

The skies glow.


Your touch burns,

Your sight sears,

I lay locked,

Motionless with fear.


Deafened by my heart,

Beating aloud,

Tears trickle down my face,

Cover me like a shroud.


Blindly I walk,

Towards you again,

Hold my hand,

Quietly say my name.


Filled with fire,

I’ll come alive,

The sound of your voice,

That’s my only vice.


To the Earth,

We’ll tell our story,

Of love and surrender,

In all its glory.


Hold me up,

As I crumble away,

Under the weight,

Of longing I sway.


Believe every word,

To be my last,

Without us,

I have no present, nor past.




Soldier of Love.

So I was thinking about us the other day,

Was on my way back from work,

This is what I had always dreamed of,

For us, this job was only another perk.


I’d fought for a while now,

And you’d help me gear up,

For the battle of convention,

Was no storm in a teacup.


You and I together hustled,

To overcome this last hurdle,

Lest we anger or upset,

The hand that rocks the cradle..


Right before we reached the finishing line,

In the last leg of this race,

I stumbled and fell over my feet,

And you silently backed away from the disgrace.


Shocked as I am on my own misjudgment,

A little voice in my head chants,

That it takes two to tango,

To master it, we’d worked hard as ants.


Feel as lonely as does an island,

In this world of targets and goals,

You were always my only aim,

Now saying your name is like swallowing coals.


I’m deafened by the screaming voices,

That rile up my silent mind,

Whenever I think about our downfall,

I wonder if it was fate being cruel or kind.


We’re only human, is what I tell myself,

Trying to justify and comprehend,

This is beyond me as well,

I tried desperately, but failed to make amends.


Enough is enough, the reader must say,

This woman is quite obsessed,

Either in love with the pain or its cause,

I’d say both have me equally possessed.


Just a bit of a warning to you love,

I just might be on to your plan,

Your next steps I might have guessed,

You’ve failed the test of a true man.


Forgiveness is at the very heart of love,

I wonder where your’s went for a walk,

We forgave and always forgot,

Tell me, were those promises just written in chalk?


This and all else I did for you,

My city, home, life et all,

You found it surprisingly easy to retreat,

Maybe you couldn’t hear the crash of my fall.


Since what you pushed for,

You don’t want anymore,

I shall find another who does,

And let your love be washed ashore.


Be careful what you wish for,

Is a lesson well learnt from you,

Your mad dash from a wish’s realization,

Has given me a well needed clue.


One that I have studied and filed away,

If you ever return to me in the future,

I’ll remember this fact and brace myself,

That heartache is your regular feature.


I thought I was giving us a part of our dreams,

Who knew your life’s ambition never lied with me,

All my sweat and blood amounted to nothing,

I guess sacrifice in any form aint your cuppa tea.


I bid farewell to us today sweetheart,

May my silence be your constant companion,

I’ll keep just this pain with me,

Just another soldier in my personal battalion.