A New Love is Born


Face covered with my hands,
I look at you through my fingers,
A glint of mischief in my eyes,
The kinds that on your lips lingers.

A coy smile I throw,
Across the room at you,
You slowly walk towards me,
Make me feel something new.

Your warmth trickles down,
Right down to my toes,
This is nothing less than magic,
Magic or love, who knows.

Whoever you are,
And wherever you’re going,
You are here right now,
And that’s all that’s worth knowing.

A projection of my subconscious,
Or a figment of my imagination,
These moments to me are real,
They are the object of my affection.

In a cloud I exist,
On a cloud I seem to walk,
When you are with me,
The world just seems to stop.

Miss me, do you?
When I am not around?
Do you miss this freedom too,
In us that we have found?

Talk to me tonight,
About everything under the sun,
I will listen to your story,
As if it were a prize I’d won.

Tomorrow is so far,
So much further from now,
Life is now, live a little,
Love will show you how.

This life is long,
So much longer alone,
Stay with me,
Let a new love be born.



My Audi and I.

Life is all about expectation. Admit it. It’s human nature to let expectations build within each and every relationship and every situation. Of course, discipline and age can teach you to grow out of it. When someone comes along and gives you the most precious gifts without you having the slightest clue, it makes life a more beautiful and exciting place. And that is a testament to how lovely life really is without the excess baggage of expectations weighing you down.

Audi, I loved this little surprise. More than words, it’s a lesson for me. I’ve learned the true art of giving and loving unconditionally from you. What it means to be a,”sister from another mister”, is something that i have understood now.

This is just too cute for me to not share with the world, and thanks for letting me do what i like with it. :).

Snigdha Sinha, thank you for this and everything else. Thanks for taking me along on your one way street 🙂


Once upon a time, not so long ago, there lived a girl, in a land, not so far away, she was young and brave and with a heart, that had just come back from exile. The girl was mysterious, because everything about her was not what the other person would think in the first go.

While she looked grown up, she was a child at heart. While she looked bullet proof, she was hurt by a word. While she looked like she wasn’t paying attention, she was actually listening to you deeply. While she looked tall, sometimes she just wished for a hug that would make her feel tiny. While she looked happy alone, all she wanted was a companion. While she said gave strength to others, she cried because of a broken heart. While she looked  like she had healed, she  was dressing her wounds. While she was talking about everything under the sun, she was actually running away from one little thing. While she looked like she wanted a million stars, she just wanted to watch them with someone. While she looked in-control, two oceans were churning inside her.

She was also the kind who did not let anyone enter “her world” very easily. It took time and patience to know the girl, and the efforts were well worth it. When you got to know her, you would run your thoughts back to when you met her ,for the first time ,and  would question, was the girl I met back then, the same one?  Well of course she is, the one I met first was the wrapper, this one is the gift. This was the surprise element about her. She was ever-changing. She was a wanderer.

She had seen years that were not fair at all. It was brutal, she thought it was never going to go away, it took sometime to pick the pieces, there were just so many, but she bounced back like she’d never fallen. It wasn’t in her nature to share a problem and hence most of her battles were fought alone. While the ghosts of the past always tried to trap her, she’d  finally learnt to leave them behind in the race for happiness.

She was young and her dreams were big, but if you really knew her, you’d know that she didn’t really want the whole world, just a tiny place, where she should feel like she belonged.

I wish the girl to stay different. So I would always be able to spot her in a second, no matter how large the crowd is. I wish the girl strength, to follow her heart. And I wish the girl love, because she deserves all that there is.

This is the story of a girl I know. You’d be lucky if you know her too.