The Ugly Truth.

It’s been raining for days now,

I’ve been waiting all this time,

For someone to show me the sun,

For that to come back, which is mine.


In the bottomless sea of sorrow i drown,

Wasted limbs, and a wasted life,

Weigh me down into the deep,

And i succumb to the stab of your knife.


This pain has met me before,

But never with such unforgiving violence,

I have no fear, or fight left in me now,

And so i give in, in silence.


Is it me, or is cold in this furnace?

The fire of your words, has left me frozen,

The more i insist, the more determined you are,

So a path in life, without me, you seem to have chosen.


I begged and pleaded to you, my dear,

Knowing that the folly is mine, and you are giving me what i asked,

To forgive me for not being brave enough,

To face what was always in my heart.


Two pieces of me there now exist,

One went with you, incomplete but at peace,

The other demands for retribution against itself,

And from its own life sentence, release.


Love, can be so bloody daunting,

It makes you dance to its wicked song,

Untill you can’t live without the bittersweet pain,

And then it goes away, taking all that is you along.


You will continue to care, i know,

But my words will hold you back,

I will continue to hurt, I know,

In the onslaught of your silent attack.


I’ve put you through a lot, my love,

Your time to rest has arrived,

It couldn’t have been easy to be with me,

What with my arrogance and foolish pride.


I have paid the price for my deeds,

In more ways that you should know about,

And if being away from you wasn’t bad enough,

Myself too, now I must live without.


Strange the way heartbreak will eat at you,

Alone in a busy and bustling crowd,

With friends who search for the girl they knew,

And suffocated alone, in your home’s lonely shroud.


Tears flow freely and unannounced,

Memories get sharper, with each passing day,

You said, it’ll get easier, let time work its magic,

I guess you were wrong, true love goes the other way.


Whenever and if you wish to return,

You’ll find my doors wide open,

I’ll still be waiting, like I am today,

But you’ll find me even more broken.


I’ll refrain from calling you back,

For the girl you loved has long since passed,

At least the pain of death ends eventually,

The ugly truth of your absence, will remain always, unasked.

Always You.

Walking down the street today,

I saw a glimpse of the past,

A young couple walked hand in hand,

I wondered if this one would last.

What used to be, you and me,

Now is a thing forgotten,

It’s the talk of the town, this morsel of gossip,

What once was envied, now stands rotten.

Mama always said, when I was young,

Fate decides, your when and why,

You cant hurry love, it is destined and timed,

And so in your arms, I felt I could fly…

Many a suitor came and went,

While and before you arrived,

But none, like you, sent my heart aflutter,

From you, then I was derived.

The beauty of our belonging, my dear,

Could only grow with time,

All the naughty escapades, and adventures so exciting,

They all inspire me today, and to you I dedicate this rhyme.

While our run, did come to pass,

My disposition shall remain the same,

Without you, there will be no colour,

On my lips, you’ll always find your name.

Time will pass, our lives will change,

Several seasons will come and go,

The one thing, that will remain,

Is the life and love that you and I know.

I miss you, and your voice,

Those sweet words that you said,

Last night as you let me go,

In my heart, they shall remain, like the tears, upon my bed.

I wish you many things, my love,

Luck, my share and yours of glory,

When you stand beside another,

I pray, that you forget this story.

I pen this down for me alone,

Years later to read and remember,

That I was once divinely blessed,

To be so loved by another.

This memory I shall carry with me,

To all the places, old and new,

Whenever someone asks what I’m thinking of,

My answer, will always be you…