Music To Her Soul

Running away from life,
She went further and further,
Into a world she’s made,
Her safe haven from herself.

Heart ache an old friend,
She met disappointment,
And pain through her journey,
She was in places bruised and broken.

A light she said she looked for,
A guide she said she wanted,
Some truth, a little faith,
A little love, was all she asked for.

As the music played in her ears,
She heard each beat  and its story,
She heard every note and its sorrow,
For all she had left was the music.

In times trying she turned,
To those songs that would,
Make her forget the regret,
Make her one with the music.

The girl grew into a woman,
Wrote a love song for her beloved,
A melody that she wore with pride,
A harmony for the two to live.

It was music that saved her soul,
It was her songs that made her forget,
When the demons from her past haunted,
Her music was all she wanted.

We all have our saviors,
We all know pain,
But what love was to her heart,
Music was to her soul.

The Girl In The Mirror

Just around the corner,
You’ll find a tiny little shop,
Easily missed by many,
Sells treasures shinier than gold.

An old woman sits there,
With millions of stories to tell,
Of lives spent searching,
Of the treasures of her shop.

Curious are the wares,
Only visible to the enlightened,
Those who know what they want,
And those who have once lost.

Fables of this shop I’d heard,
Strange stories of the patrons,
Entered but never left,
For they say she sold bits of heaven.

So I set out one fine day,
To find the truth for myself,
A few coins, was all I had,
In return for her treasures.

She saw me enter nervously,
And guided me to this corner,
I saw a girl, looking back at me,
I couldn’t look away, I just couldn’t.

She was happy, contentment in her eyes,
Satisfied with the love in her life,
She looked back at me with serenity,
A tear slowly rolled down my cheek.

The old woman held my hand,
And handed me the mirror,
In which I’d been looking at the girl,
Who had it all, right between her eyes.

As I broke into tears,
She said to me with love,
You are your own desires,
And to find them, you need not look far.

I walked back home that night,
My coins and my mirror in my hand,
A smile on my face and peace in my heart,
That in my mirror lies my desire..