A New Love is Born


Face covered with my hands,
I look at you through my fingers,
A glint of mischief in my eyes,
The kinds that on your lips lingers.

A coy smile I throw,
Across the room at you,
You slowly walk towards me,
Make me feel something new.

Your warmth trickles down,
Right down to my toes,
This is nothing less than magic,
Magic or love, who knows.

Whoever you are,
And wherever you’re going,
You are here right now,
And that’s all that’s worth knowing.

A projection of my subconscious,
Or a figment of my imagination,
These moments to me are real,
They are the object of my affection.

In a cloud I exist,
On a cloud I seem to walk,
When you are with me,
The world just seems to stop.

Miss me, do you?
When I am not around?
Do you miss this freedom too,
In us that we have found?

Talk to me tonight,
About everything under the sun,
I will listen to your story,
As if it were a prize I’d won.

Tomorrow is so far,
So much further from now,
Life is now, live a little,
Love will show you how.

This life is long,
So much longer alone,
Stay with me,
Let a new love be born.



Just Wanna Be In Love


A dark tunnel,
So much silence,
Our minds are so,
Full of violence.

A misfit, an outcast,
Within my home,
I belong to someone,
Someone of my own.

This big city,
So much beauty,
To really live,
Is our only duty.

Wandering the streets,
All alone,
I miss a shadow,
The scent of cologne.

Blind, they call me,
Say I don’t see,
But I want the one,
Not just anyone with me.

Walking through life,
Living un- witnessed,
Growing older,
Bolder, and dismissed.

I pray for nights,
Of endless conversations,
And days filled,
With exciting explorations.

Waiting with anxiety,
For the good things to come,
Amorously looking,
For the rising sun.

For the return,
Of the light to my eyes,
The one with whom,
Time just flies.

I’m just one,
In a crowd of many,
You feel it too,
Its almost funny.

They call this peaceful,
The life of a dove,
Call me stupid,
But I just wanna be in love.