Until We Meet Again.

Rocks are just rocks,

Until touched by a sculptor,

A canvas is just a canvas,

Until touched by a painter.


Our story remains untold,

Until retold by an author,

And I was just confused and lost,

Until I found my mentor.


Very few were as blessed as I,

To have been taken under your wing,

However brief our stint might have been,

Immeasurable has been my learning.


I hope that this is just the beginning,

Of even more success and shining for you,

I hope that we stay in touch for years to come,

I wish my growth from you to continue.


Thank you for all the opportunities,

And I’m grateful for the advice,

To express my gratitude,

These short poems wont suffice.


I hope I do you proud,

In any small way that I can,

And I bid you farewell,

Just until we meet again.