Sailor and Sensei.

Two friends, a Sailor and a Sensei, amidst a conversation about love, friendship and camaraderie, found an interesting interlude and share it here for all to see. My good friend Arjun (, the sailor, this one is going out all guns blazing.

Sailor: I fly where my heart taketh
The shining light I must follow
Like a moth to a flame
I’ll burn but with peace.

Sensei: Fly where your heart taketh?
Pay no heed to your mind?
This journey is too long my dear,
To be wasted chasing birds of the wrong kind.

Sailor: The heart desires but is naive
It knows not good from bad
Makes me chase them birdies
But in d end I always return heartbroken;sad.

Sensei: Let the mind guide thy heart,
The heart shall always stumble,
The wounds ¬†won’t heal soon,
Why must with ur loyalties you fumble.

Salior: Call me a hopeless romantic
A servent of my petty heart.
I seek inadvertent destruction
I guess ive been d same from start

Sensei: Follow your bliss lil one,
Pay no heed to my cynicism,
life was never fair lil one,
My romantic antics were always met with criticism.

Sailor: But why is that sensei?
Who tainted an emotion so pure?
Replaced by sex lies n deciet
Along with selfish materialistic lures

Sensei: Why must I put a name
The faces were so many
Even the purity of friendship was lost
And all that I was, was sold for a penny.

Sailor: Where did we stray?
N how do we come back?
Atleast I have u sensei
Amidst all of this crap

Sensei: You do, my companion from afar,
May this journey lead us back,
To the place where it all began,
Where all was good we were on the right track.

Sailor: The prints have been smudged
Blown clear with the wind
Only road lies ahead unexplored
Who knows what tales it sings?

Sensei: Its only human to err,
Bring on the future,
It’ll be all good,
I’m done with the torture.

Sailor: Wish I had ur swagger sensei.
I feel subdued like a lil mouse.
Hiding deep inside
The confines of my house

Sensei: Give yourself credit sailor,
You’re as honest as they come,
Swagger and shit be damned,
Oodles of confidence, could I have some?

Sailor: U need none sensei
Ur already a master.
Wouldnt wanna mess with u
That’ll just end a disaster

Sensei: You leave me stumped yoda,
There is a puzzle I see on this scene,
You seem to have christened me,
Tell me, what does sensei mean??

Sailor: Sensei means guru in japanese
Use a thing called google.
Sensei are masters of living elements
N enjoy eating soupy noodles

Sensei: Oriental I could tell it was,
But as for my sloth,
I blame my brother,
He’s on the net and I don’t wanna invite his wrath. ,

Sailor: Lol d net sucks my balance
The stupid plan hasnt activated yet.
Btw meeting a friend tomorrow
Everything looks set.

Sensei: They call it a gprs pack,
Call the folks at customer care,
Yay for tomorrow’s plans,
Hope you enjoy the company and the hearty fare.

Sailor: Stupid thing takes a day to start
Whose idea was that?
Ppl wanna be online dont they know?
I wanna beat em till they crack

Sensei: Feel for you matey,
my blood boils every time,
A bill or a plan must change,
Days it takes for peace to be mine.

Sailor: Who gets these ideas really?
Sucks to d core right?
Sensei before my balance runs dry
M gonna have to say nitey nite.

Sensei: Aww you poor thing,
Nightcrawler must retire,
Make the most of it,
Rest you bones, weary and tired.

Sailor: Goodbye for now sensei
Do copy the entire poem down
It may be stupid
But I like d way it sounds.

Sensei: Will do my best kiddo,
Quite stupid I find this app,
But this conversation has been special,
I’ll let you go ahead and catch a nap.

Sailor: Nitey nite sensei.