The Storm



I stayed away from the pen,
I shunned all the books,
Stopped feeding my demons,
Dying each day in their fire.

I picked myself up,
And took one day at a time,
My blood gushed with resolve,
To lament no more.

I shed my tired skin,
Let go of the excess baggage,
Gave life a fair shot,
And welcomed the new dawn.

Mythical blessings were nowhere,
None of the delusional lies,
I fell in love with my present,
In spite of all the spite.

A year has since passed,
That girl is long gone,
A woman pens this down instead,
Enlightened after the storm.

Blood Lust.

It’s a sickness inside,

Your thought in my mind,

Its spreading ever so slowly,

Poison of a deceptive kind.


I’m turning blue with death,

While you live unaware,

The days melt into each other,

To face me, you I dare.


Your path is easy,

Coward that you are,

No risk so no reward,

For love, you don’t anyway care.


Let there be light,

I pray, alone in my darkness,

Must have been a sinner, I,

That it’s about you, that  I reminisce.


There’s blood everywhere,

On my hands and in my head,

Masterfully betrayed I stand,

And lie brutally massacred on the bed.


This infection I’m cutting away,

Like a limb, septic and diseased,

I don’t want to see your face,

To me, we’re deceased.


The dirty rules you play by I love,

Get everything on your own terms,

Vultures descend before you know it,

And tear your heart out, while  your stomach churns.


Why must I suffer alone,

Karma is a bitch with good reason,

I hope god lets me watch you bleed,

And suffer, from season to season.


I stand tall today, despite your treason,

Made of tougher stuff than you,

An iron will and nerves of steel,

Both, to you are concepts new.


I’m cutting this bloody cord,

That ties us together today,

You’re as worthless as your word,

This severance has been long-delayed.


This Book has been edited,

Your chapter is over, the end is here,

Where your story was told before,

You’ll find no pages, just a nasty tear.


Leave, disappear, run away, it’s what you do best

If escaping is your thing, do what you must,

But don’t ever wait for me to return,

You did nothing, just fed my Blood Lust.