The Walk

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I walk down this road,
To find small treasures,
A flower in bloom,
Colors in all measures.

A tree calling out,
To me, inviting,
To sit in its shade,
Induce the writing.

A glimpse into the lives,
Of strangers who live around,
I wonder about their lives,
And their dreams abound.

A picture is more,
Than a mere image,
Its the story of a moment,
Its a nomads pilgrimage.

It’s A Wonderful Life

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Simple things make life,
Come alive with a spark,
Special moments make life,
Make it a life worthy of passion.

Small pleasures everyday,
A cup of coffee, a friendly joke,
A walk by the beach,
The sunset on the horizon.

While we live the moment,
Breathe in the beauty,
Our mind holds the sentiment,
A picture, holds the story.

Years later when you look back,
Moments will come alive,
These pictures will remind you,
That its been a wonderful life.

A Thousand Words







The Worth Of A Picture.

As the bells toll, as the times change, this moment will remain here forever with you, and I.

You will leave, And I will remain. I will find myself, One Step At A Time.

I stand still. I whisper in silence. In this loud and fast world.

I exist. Especially for you.


I close my eyes to see the world go up in flames.


The Way is not in the Sky.
The Way is in the Heart.