Without You

Without You

What do I need from you,
Nothing much I guess,
Except perhaps a look,
Making me a mess.

What could I ask for,
What have you not given,
May just be a chance,
To forgive and be forgiven.

What can I possibly now say,
See, I’ve been around a while,
But I’m still looking for something,
That can just like that, make me smile.

Even now, when all is but over,
I just don’t know what to give,
To make us more beautiful,
That call out to us, to live.

What is still missing.
Between you and I,
That poems must remain,
The way you look in my eyes.

I don’t know what to say,
I don’t know what to do,
All I know, my love, is that,
Something’s missing, without you.

4 responses to “Without You

  1. Beautiful poem, though it saddens me, to touch your heart’s pain my beloved sister! I long for your heart to blessed with a soothing and perfect happiness, and I will not give up in my prayers for you are a gem to me and I want to see your words smile again! God bless my friend!

    • Thanks Wendell šŸ™‚ a little sadness here n there is what makes all of this worthwhile, I sometimes think. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers. You are there in mine too. God bless you Wendell. You’re amazing.

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