Forget, Once In A While.


And we live on every day,
Calling out to our inner truth,
Sometimes running away,
Just to see another day.

We struggle day after day,
Pulling the weight of the world,
Up along with us to new heights,
Half of ourselves survives the day.

But then a memory creates itself,
A smile spreads  to our fingers,
A rush goes through our heads,
And suddenly the days begin to sparkle.

Just walking along a beach,
With the sand kissing our feet,
Sun shining down on our faces,
And suddenly the weight lifts.

My shoulders are lighter,
Because I forgot for a while,
To pay the price of  material lies,
And breathe in my own life.

I jumped in the water,
Went in bruised, battered and dead,
The sea washed me ashore,
Alive, filled with marvel and surprise.

I challenged myself,
The truth that lies inside,
I came out stronger,
Because I chose to fight.

All this and more,
Are all a gift from life,
For remembering,
To forget once in a while.

4 responses to “Forget, Once In A While.

  1. Sanya, the words from your heart and the deepness of soul, are so inspiring and refreshing. Its like a morning kiss from a new days Sun rising in the Spring! You made your words ever so embraceable, you made your heart so renewable, you have blossomed so beautifully even through the pain. And what you have written is the result of you maturing and becoming more beautiful within than what you already have been and you are a treasure always for you see the real truth in life and you overcame what tried to tear you apart…and now you stand strong and never alone! Your poem is written so magnificently, it made me share tears of happiness for you and also to smile at the young phoenix rising into new life. God bless you always dear sister, and much love to you always!

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