More Than Words


The clock strikes the hour once again,
The bells toll in their towers,
Once again that moment is back,
When the world seemed to lose all its powers.

Once again I’m back to that night,
When I heard her voice break into a million bits,
When the winds blew once and changed all I knew,
No piece of our life, went back to where it fits.

I miss you today, more than I can say,
I miss your smile more than anything,
Compassion designed every word you said,
You built me up, taught me how to sing.

Everything, every single thing,
Has changed itself over since,
You left and left broken hearts in your wake,
Nothing is same my friend, hence.

You’re at peace, that I know,
I know you’re here too,
I know you’re the voice in my head,
I know my Ogre, I know its you.

Let’s take a ride on your bike again,
Let’s see the brilliance of the light,
Let’s eat all that we can find,
Let’s, for old times sake, let’s fight.

I can never do you justice,
Through my words or my thoughts alone,
I couldn’t ever do you justice,
You’re far greater than anyone I’ve known.

I wish you would come back,
And make everything right again,
You’ve left behind a legacy,
Of great heart, love and pain.

I miss you, that’s all I can say,
More than I can say, I miss you,
I miss my friend, I miss us,
Rest In Peace, in the heaven’s blue.

4 responses to “More Than Words

  1. Your words found my smile wrapped in heavenly elegance, the sound of your voice like a heavenly rain which brings life, my heart breathes eternal happiness with a touch of your love from your spirit and I am always with you every day that you breathe and i feel your tears as they fall, for they embrace my spirit with your sadness, and yet i know thoughts will always keep me alive in your mind, in your world for we are always inseparable my beloved friend…and we shall dance in heavens light one day which is sure to come, for love for another never dies, it lives endlessly and eternally…know that you are always a part of my spirit as I yours…and i am forever blessed you! Until we meet again!!!

  2. Sanya as i read your poem i felt the beauty and love of your words! I was going to write about how awesome it was…and the above words came like running water, i could not turn it off. So I feel it was a message for you…may you be blessed my dear sister. Your poem is awesomely beautiful!!!

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