Darkness in Disguise


At the speed of light,
This  puzzle is changing,
In a moment alone,
The shadows are fading.

Strength seeps back,
Into my hands and into my heart,
I suddenly see the truth,
All but clouded from the start.

Slow but sure am I,
As I begin to conceive,
Healing is contentment,
In the lessons we receive.

Some dreams that shattered,
Were just the blessing,
I couldn’t see beyond the tears then,
Mea Culpa, I am now confessing.

Leaving behind the many follies,
I ask for almighty’s kind forgiveness,
May today fairness be mine,
Interspersed with some happiness.

I’ll carry my lessons with me,
Bravely decorated with them I’ll live,
My badge of honor they shall be,
Until there’s nothing left to forgive.

One day when you will arrive,
You’ll hold my hand and sit beside,
We’ll know the truth and dream together,
Wont ever let that faith subside.

Love is designed to be crazy
Life is nothing without a fight,
Being with you is enough,
All I could want, if I might.

I came to you broken,
You fixed me and made me right,
Heartbreak is just God,
Disguised as the darkness at night.


4 responses to “Darkness in Disguise

  1. There are a great host of things both good and bad that we will come face to face with in our lives, some we will understand the why immediately, some not until time passes. Yet in all those if with inner strength and endurance and faith in God and also confidence in ourselves we can overcome these roadblocks and figure out how to bypass them, and we will grow and blossom continuously. And what once might have tore you apart, you now handle it better than ever before and those things that lift and feed your heart…you will understand the value for sure. I don’t really look at something being good or bad now in my life, i look at it all as a new experience to learn, and another test of survival. I look at how i can get past those things without hurting someone, and at the same time maybe help the same person or others. The two sides can always win in the end if forgiveness sets you free within. Things that hurt, don’t let them destroy you, let them go but learn the lesson and let it help you grow always. This is a new year for you, and you still might encounter hardships, but hold on to your strength and faith and never let somone else get you down…you can do that by yourself! Seek the path that brings you joy, and nothing will stand in your way. And always remember there are of lot of people who love you and are rooting for your success! Much love to Sanya always …my dear sister. Magnificent poem, written so beautifully and effortlessly! You get much better with all you share each and every day!

  2. Beautiful writing Sanya and I’m realizing I must have messed something up on my reader settings, because I didn’t get an email notification of new posts. Was just stopping by and realized 🙂
    Hope you are well and happy new year!

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