Dearest November

Welcome, Dear November,
You will always be,
Bittersweet to me,
There’s so much to remember.

Dear November,
The beginning of my year,
To me you’re hope and fear,
Of moments that linger.

My dear November,
You’ve always made me vulnerable,
Susceptible at every step to stumble,
All that remains of my heart are embers.

Alas, November,
The time has come for me to dread,
You’ve become something to be fled,
You make me ache for December.

And, Sweet November,
There’s romance in your name,
There’s no one but me to blame,
No one but me who will remember.

That in November,
What a fool I had been,
To have fallen in love,
In November.


4 responses to “Dearest November

  1. Sanya, I really loved the way you wrote this, sharing some shortcomings, some growth, and a true hope to move forward! It is very introspective but It shows that you are ever moving away from the past as you blossom and grow into the newer and better you! You have a beautiful and wonderful heart and spirit! Have a wonderful weekend my sister!

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