The Miseducation of the Scorpio

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To Miseducate; meaning to educate improperly.

Being independent, strong, and seductive sign we Scorpio’s tend to get a bad reputation.  For example, when I meet a guy and tell him I’m a Scorpio the answer is usually “Oh so you a Scorpio? That means you’re up for any and everything huh?!” The answer is Yes I’m up for any and everything, but not with YOU!  On other occasions when others learned I was a Scorpio I was labeled as a jealous person or  temperamental bitch.  Scorpio’s are probably the most misunderstood astrological sign there is.

That is why I’m here to set the record straight about what others have been miseducated about.

Miseducation number 1:  The nasty slutty Scorpio. 

Scorpio’s tend to be comfortable with sexuality, and have no problems exploring it. But, that exploring usually takes place with our partners and only our partners.  If you want a fulfilled sex life Scorpio is the way to go, but its not for everyone to experience.

Miseducation number 2: The crazy jealous Scorpio!

I really dislike that we are the sign that gets the jealous label. Isn’t jealousy a part of human nature? I’ve never met a Scorpio that was excessively jealous. I haven’t quite figured out what is meant by that.  What do you think?

Miseducation number 3:  The Violent Scorpio.

I’ll admit Scorpios do have a bad temper, but I won’t say we are violent.  If you get into a confrontational situation with a Scorpio you might just quit the argument, because Scorpio’s are passionate about what they believe.  We’ll argue you down til you can’t take anymore, and sometimes it gets a tad bit heated. On the off chance that we do get up to fight you might want to run!

Miseducation number 4: The too secretive/sneaky Scorpio. 

I wouldn’t say we are secretive we’re just mysterious. Scorpio’s believe strongly in privacy, and while we may share some information we always keep some things close to us. We also tend to be quiet, deep, and emotionally complex; we like to keep to ourselves.

Miseducation number 5: The Scorpio is weak pretending to be strong.

They say Scorpio’s are:  jealous, vengeful, overbearing, sarcastic, sexually immoral, intolerant, violent, secretive, and complex because the more weak we are the tougher we have to be.

I must say I have to disagree with the majority of that.

Scorpio’s are also known to be: caring, thoughtful, resourceful, independent, passionate, loyal, trustworthy, determined, sexy, observant, and great people.  Sounds like strong characteristics to me!



4 responses to “The Miseducation of the Scorpio

  1. Most of what you wrote here is true but I must disagree with two things:We are jealous but only because we would give everything to the person we love.We also know how to hate because we also know how to love.
    The second thing is with Scorpio being weak,we are strong,but we are sensitive,but we never show our sensitivity.

    P.S:I really get the 1st miseducation very often too and it’s very damn frustrating…

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