My Questions

How wretched is the one,
Who plans and plots,
To twist his destiny,
Around his little finger?

Is he better than him,
Who waits in silence,
For castle’s to emerge,
From time’s still sands?

Is life a painting,
Of our choice’s colors,
On our karmic canvas,
Are we nothing but artists?

What does it mean,
When lives are manipulated,
When dreams are masticated,
When love dies?

Do dreams become real,
Do nightmares dissolve,
Do midnight conversations,
Still make ย hearts melt?

Is any of it real,
Will the masks fall,
Of friends, foes, and strangers,
Will I see the real you?

I’m but one mind,
These are but my questions,
Imagine if I asked you too,
To open your mind?

What would you ask me,
If you could ask me anything,
Would you ask me who I am,
And if I could still dream?

If I was yours just for today,
Would you ask me questions,
Lying with me under the stars,
Would you answer mine too?




10 responses to “My Questions

  1. Another beautiful poem Sanya, the life in your words grows more and more each day! I delight in the new flavor and color of the site but mostly the you that i know really see! I love the questions and i would venture to say if one loves you in a pure way he would love to lay below the stars and answer all of your questions as long as you answerd his! Have a blessed evening and keep the poems coming dear sister

  2. If there is love then you Will get the answers without asking the question s most of the time…

    I liked the start indeed there are those plotting scheming people out there who plan it all..

    And destiny I believe that we ourselves make it by what we do.. if it goes haywire then it’s we who are to be blamed not someone else

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