Deep inside who I am,
There’s a reverberation rising,
Its unease spreading itself,
Inside who I am.

Such shivers run,
Up and down my spine,
Born from the unrest,
That in me runs.

Stumbling along the path,
Life has brought me here,
Where there’s no end,
Or beginning to my path.

I’m inching towards the edge,
A bit more every day,
You push me so bad,
That I just go over the edge.

We play this game,
Of the tug of war,
This is pure evil,
It a game no more.

Let me be,
Let me breathe,
When I walk away,
Just let me be.

Because I’ll fight,
To save me from you,
To keep the faith alive in me,
To keep me- I will fight.

No room for the soulless,
In this world or anywhere else,
You’ll find the truth of you,
But not while you’re this soulless.

The Worth Of A Picture.

As the bells toll, as the times change, this moment will remain here forever with you, and I.

You will leave, And I will remain. I will find myself, One Step At A Time.

I stand still. I whisper in silence. In this loud and fast world.

I exist. Especially for you.


I close my eyes to see the world go up in flames.


The Way is not in the Sky.
The Way is in the Heart.

The Silver Anniversary.

It was this day,
25 years ago,
That this began,
And here we are today.

A silver day,
For the golden couple,
Yet another milestone,
Yet another beginning.

So much love,
So many smiles,
So many days,
All the pain, so far away.

A metaphorical heart,
Draws itself around you,
As I pen these words,
With pride in my fingers.

Dear Father and dear Mother,
Hold hands today,
Eat, Drink, Love,
Celebrate each other.

Happy 25th Mum n Dad,
May this day never end,
May the celebration forever stay,
To you goes all my love today.

When we fight,
Remember that I love you,
When we laugh together,
It’s all because of you.

In the Garden of Eden,
You will dine today,
May time stop,
For you I’ll pray.

Just pay the bill,
Before you leave,
I’m broke 😀
So it’s not on me 😀 😀

The Miseducation of the Scorpio

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To Miseducate; meaning to educate improperly.

Being independent, strong, and seductive sign we Scorpio’s tend to get a bad reputation.  For example, when I meet a guy and tell him I’m a Scorpio the answer is usually “Oh so you a Scorpio? That means you’re up for any and everything huh?!” The answer is Yes I’m up for any and everything, but not with YOU!  On other occasions when others learned I was a Scorpio I was labeled as a jealous person or  temperamental bitch.  Scorpio’s are probably the most misunderstood astrological sign there is.

That is why I’m here to set the record straight about what others have been miseducated about.

Miseducation number 1:  The nasty slutty Scorpio. 

Scorpio’s tend to be comfortable with sexuality, and have no problems exploring it. But, that exploring usually takes place with our partners and only our partners.  If you want a fulfilled sex life Scorpio is the way to go, but its not for everyone to experience.

Miseducation number 2: The crazy jealous Scorpio!

I really dislike that we are the sign that gets the jealous label. Isn’t jealousy a part of human nature? I’ve never met a Scorpio that was excessively jealous. I haven’t quite figured out what is meant by that.  What do you think?

Miseducation number 3:  The Violent Scorpio.

I’ll admit Scorpios do have a bad temper, but I won’t say we are violent.  If you get into a confrontational situation with a Scorpio you might just quit the argument, because Scorpio’s are passionate about what they believe.  We’ll argue you down til you can’t take anymore, and sometimes it gets a tad bit heated. On the off chance that we do get up to fight you might want to run!

Miseducation number 4: The too secretive/sneaky Scorpio. 

I wouldn’t say we are secretive we’re just mysterious. Scorpio’s believe strongly in privacy, and while we may share some information we always keep some things close to us. We also tend to be quiet, deep, and emotionally complex; we like to keep to ourselves.

Miseducation number 5: The Scorpio is weak pretending to be strong.

They say Scorpio’s are:  jealous, vengeful, overbearing, sarcastic, sexually immoral, intolerant, violent, secretive, and complex because the more weak we are the tougher we have to be.

I must say I have to disagree with the majority of that.

Scorpio’s are also known to be: caring, thoughtful, resourceful, independent, passionate, loyal, trustworthy, determined, sexy, observant, and great people.  Sounds like strong characteristics to me!


And, I’m Scared.

When I feel a stirring in my heart, I’m scared.
Scared if its the beginning of something.
When my breath catches in my throat at the sound of a name, I panic.
I panic that this feeling wont go. Its a premonition.
A premonition of pain coming my way.
I cant pay the price of a beating heart.
The hollowness inside comes much cheaper and leaves a bit of me alive.
Helps me make it to the end.
I came here to live and all I’m left with is survival.
The complete annihilation of my being stares me in my face every second of every day that I let a sliver of hope look me in the eye and show me the possibilities.
I close my eyes, and brush aside the vision, turn around and run, run like the devil himself was hot on my heels.
The shadow of a hand reaching for mine, the mere idea, makes me shiver with repulsion.
It’s repulsive, the thought of you coming into my days, changing them and leaving.
Leaving me alone, incapable of the thought of existence beyond you.
This cannot happen to me again, not one more time.
The flimsy threads holding my bones together threaten to collapse.
To take all I’ve built down with them. This must not happen.
I must soldier through your spell and deflect your charm.
Words are misleading, actions  disappointing, promises are empty and love is imaginary.
This is my last chance. Escape and liberation are my only shot at salvation.
And I will not let them go. I will escape.
Because I’m scared of falling in love.
I’m scared, of you.

My Questions

How wretched is the one,
Who plans and plots,
To twist his destiny,
Around his little finger?

Is he better than him,
Who waits in silence,
For castle’s to emerge,
From time’s still sands?

Is life a painting,
Of our choice’s colors,
On our karmic canvas,
Are we nothing but artists?

What does it mean,
When lives are manipulated,
When dreams are masticated,
When love dies?

Do dreams become real,
Do nightmares dissolve,
Do midnight conversations,
Still make  hearts melt?

Is any of it real,
Will the masks fall,
Of friends, foes, and strangers,
Will I see the real you?

I’m but one mind,
These are but my questions,
Imagine if I asked you too,
To open your mind?

What would you ask me,
If you could ask me anything,
Would you ask me who I am,
And if I could still dream?

If I was yours just for today,
Would you ask me questions,
Lying with me under the stars,
Would you answer mine too?




People Are Strange.


Say they want love,
Say they want honesty,
When they get it, they run.
People are strange.

Want to hold you close,
But don’t want you to be mine,
Want you, but yet I don’t,
People are strange.

You close your eyes,
And smile as I hold your hand,
But you’d rather I let you go,
People are strange.

Such strangers to ourselves,
We force ourselves to become,
That even the mirrors say,
People are strange.

We’ll love him who scorns,
Upon every truth we present,
Cringe at the realities of you and I,
People are strange.

People are strange,
And we are stranger still,
To love when we know,
Aren’t we strange?

The Girl In The Mirror

Just around the corner,
You’ll find a tiny little shop,
Easily missed by many,
Sells treasures shinier than gold.

An old woman sits there,
With millions of stories to tell,
Of lives spent searching,
Of the treasures of her shop.

Curious are the wares,
Only visible to the enlightened,
Those who know what they want,
And those who have once lost.

Fables of this shop I’d heard,
Strange stories of the patrons,
Entered but never left,
For they say she sold bits of heaven.

So I set out one fine day,
To find the truth for myself,
A few coins, was all I had,
In return for her treasures.

She saw me enter nervously,
And guided me to this corner,
I saw a girl, looking back at me,
I couldn’t look away, I just couldn’t.

She was happy, contentment in her eyes,
Satisfied with the love in her life,
She looked back at me with serenity,
A tear slowly rolled down my cheek.

The old woman held my hand,
And handed me the mirror,
In which I’d been looking at the girl,
Who had it all, right between her eyes.

As I broke into tears,
She said to me with love,
You are your own desires,
And to find them, you need not look far.

I walked back home that night,
My coins and my mirror in my hand,
A smile on my face and peace in my heart,
That in my mirror lies my desire..