My Bequest.

The world goes around,
Goes around again and again,
With our eyes shut tight,
Dreaming to endure the pain.

Friends turn foes,
Faster than they turned friends,
No matter how it started,
Everything always comes to an end.

We put our faith in one another,
Even though we fail to deserve that wealth,
Life is but a repeated test,
Of an existence built upon stealth.

Heartache, heartbreak, always,
But we live them every step of the way,
So dark the con of man,
What we do, we dare not say.

I look into another’s eyes,
Hope for nothing but hope itself,
All I see are shadows of deceit,
Wrecked, I turn to myself.

A hand over my eyes,
A stone over my heart,
I head towards another folly ,
I love, and I’m back at the start.

Show me my heart,
Show me yours too,
For once, hold me to my word,
So I too can trust you.

Wicked world, make me yours,
Teach me your wicked ways as well,
Last one standing I remain,
My woes and tears, to whom do I tell.

Silent anticipation remains,
Of a simpler time than now,
Where I pause for myself,
And comprehend my when and how.

A simple prayer, as simple as it gets,
Let truth live in my heart, my only request,
I’ll leave nothing behind, take none from you,
Just my truth, is my only bequest.

4 responses to “My Bequest.

  1. Beautifully written Sanya, lots of introspection, passion, and some pain! There are many who still love you, no matter what, they will always be there for you! The ones that show you a true love, are one with you in god, one with you in spirit and one with you in love, they are selfless, they love to share, they care, not matter what, they are your friends and are always consistent! My prayer is that your heart finds peace…it all begins with you and god, no other people! Much love to you always!

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