My Sherry Red Sweetheart.

My Sherry Red Sweetheart.

I’m officially a grown up, with my own car. I pay for it and everything 😀 It’s left me penniless, and I could not be more thrilled. She’s called Sherry, obviously because of her color, but also because driving her around is one trippy ride 😀
Sherry is an Electric Red Hyundai i10 Sportz and she’s a LOT of fun. We’re one road trip down and have a million more to go 🙂

A special thanks to Akshit, Snigdha and Mantaj for coming along to pick her up.


11 responses to “My Sherry Red Sweetheart.

  1. oh teri…gaddi aa gai teri yaar…shit i missed the ride…nywz.congratulations sweety for the red hot sherry..haha…awesome yaar…saala ab toh hume b nai car kharidni padegi…!!! 😛 love ya….happy for u…

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