A Lil Bit Of Who I Am


Pretty much a text book teen,
Cranky, complexed and hormonal,
I hated the world and it hated me back,
My life was almost zonal.

Grew into my grey life,
Did what i was told was right,
A tantrum here and here,
Once in a while, a violent fight.

Days became months,
Months became years,
Boredom and loneliness,
Became the sum of my fears.

Frantically I ran,
From pillar to post,
Sometimes was the guest,
Sometimes played the host.

I grew up, finally,
Became my own friend,
Forgot the trivialities,
Forgot the latest trend.

Fought for myself,
My biggest battle ever,
Tore my adversaries down,
None were too clever.

It took a while,
But my will was strong,
It took some patience,
To right the wrong.

Today I stand here,
With my head held high,
Ever so grateful to God,
His name in each sigh.

I thank him for the pain,
And thank him for the trials,
And thank for the roads i walked,
For miles and miles.

Blessed with true friends,
Blessed with my family,
My world is a song,
Of gumption and melancholy.

Struggle is my redemption,
For suffering I give a damn,
This is just a glimpse,
Just a lil bit of who I am.

Just Wanna Be In Love


A dark tunnel,
So much silence,
Our minds are so,
Full of violence.

A misfit, an outcast,
Within my home,
I belong to someone,
Someone of my own.

This big city,
So much beauty,
To really live,
Is our only duty.

Wandering the streets,
All alone,
I miss a shadow,
The scent of cologne.

Blind, they call me,
Say I don’t see,
But I want the one,
Not just anyone with me.

Walking through life,
Living un- witnessed,
Growing older,
Bolder, and dismissed.

I pray for nights,
Of endless conversations,
And days filled,
With exciting explorations.

Waiting with anxiety,
For the good things to come,
Amorously looking,
For the rising sun.

For the return,
Of the light to my eyes,
The one with whom,
Time just flies.

I’m just one,
In a crowd of many,
You feel it too,
Its almost funny.

They call this peaceful,
The life of a dove,
Call me stupid,
But I just wanna be in love.