Retail Therapy

I crack open my eyes,
And crawl out of bed,
Bully myself to get dressed,
Office beckons, enough said.

Day after day,
And then week after week,
The year has gone now,
Waiting for boredom to speak.

People do all sorts of things,
To distract themselves from the monotony,
I work and play, sometimes write,
And that’s become my life’s anatomy.

Until, one day at the office,
With mindless paperwork, when i wasn’t inspired,
I stumbled upon this sparkly website,
It’s been psychotic, what has since transpired.

A bauble here caught my fancy,
A trinket held me firm, like glue,
Just a little cash they say,
We can be yours, in red, pink and blue.

Starry eyed I clicked away,
Doing the math in my head,
Yeah so i’ll skip a few movies,
All reason, seems to have fled.

Living from delivery to delivery,
I wait to see what’s next,
What can I buy now,
It’s like I’m under a bloody hex!

My bank balance keeps falling,
My salary seems to shrink,
A week left to pay day,
I see my wallet, and i need a drink.

I need to rein it in, I say,
The devil himself tempts me,
One more pretty dress, couldn’t hurt,
Oh my god, now I must flee.

Purse strings tight,
I stay on the wagon the next few weeks,
The shoppaholic has been slayed,
I celebrate, smiling from cheek to cheek.

Until a Friday, when things are rather slow,
I sit at my desk and wonder,
I could just have a lil peek,
Yeah, I know, that’s a big ol blunder.

Another few hundreds gone,
A sin, a crime I’ve committed,
But those shoes were so stunning,
I’m no good, against consumerism to be pitted.

What can I say, I make no apologies,
What I do is personal philanthropy,
I’m girl and a notorious one at that,
I’ve tried it all, but nothing’s as good as retail therapy 😀

My Sunshine.

So i’ve been told that i need to write more often. Archana’s at a loss for words to describe me 😛

Here goes. I’d promised my best friend that i’d write a poem on her. Its just a very teeny tiny gift to the biggest chatter box i’ve ever met. Man she cannot stop yapping- my single most favorite thing about her… Audi lal, my bachu, this one’s for ju.



Under the dark clouds,
In destiny’s cruel grasp,
There were two young women,
Let’s just say who were meant to be.

They mourned their losses,
And held each other’s hand,
As the earth shook,
And the world crumbled around their feet.

They learned how to walk,
Together they taught,
Their hearts how to beat,
And were inseparable from the very day.

Years have passed,
Times have changed,
The girls are now women,
They are just, two of a kind.

One is sharp, and oh so kind,
Strong as a goddess,
Bright like the sun,
And just a wonder in her own right.

She knows what she wants,
And she knows she’ll get it,
She’s a hustler, that one,
I watch her while she works her magic.

The other, well is me,
She’ll tell you i’m lovely,
I’ll tell you she’s a liar,
She’s my dose of love and life.

Audi, I call her, our lil secret,
I’m one of the few,
With that enviable right,
A luxury that I exploit.

She calls me Tallie,
As I smile at her naughtily,
A head a shoulder above her,
She packs a punch, that shorty.

She cracks me up,
With new names and new madness,
Reduces me to tears,
With one look that pierces my sadness.

She’s my buddy,
My sister from another mister,
She’s my guardian,
And my best friend.

I wouldn’t be me, or anyone else,
If it wasn’t for her- my muse,
My conscience and instinct,
Never may we be apart.

This little ode of love,
Goes out to you babe,
May you empty my wallet,
And shine like you do, Always.