Fishy Singh

Fishy Singh

My Crown Fighter.

She’s tough yet beautiful,
Silent and so wonderful.

Never still, but at peace,
Though her fight wont cease.

She’s brave and ethereal,
The way she looks at me, surreal.

This is love, its no fling,
Meet my friend, Fishy Singh 😀 😀

The Light.


Sitting still and quiet,
Between a kaleidoscope of evil miracles,
Embroiled in memories I exist,
While the world goes around in circles.

Glassy eyed and silent,
The people around me stare,
Wondering what I’m searching for,
Within my mind’s lair.

I fall through a tunnel,
Steeper and darker than most,
My heavy heart falls faster,
And i’m glad, so glad to be lost. 

People tell me,
To pick myself up,
Wisdom tells me,
To hold out my cup.

There is much,
Yet to learn,
Bridges to cross,
Before they burn.

Slowly I stand,
And open my eyes,
There’s sand under my feet,
And above me, the blue skies.

Just when I could crack no more,
Hope found me, faith in tow,
Once, Fate brought me to my knees,
Now Fate will help me stand, I know.

The fog that descends upon,
Every wrecked ship on the sea,
Will lift itself from me and my eyes,
Almighty, once will hear my plea.

The shackles fall away from me,
Strength seeps back into my feet,
Like pain leaving the body,
My courage and conviction meet.

So I pick up the pieces,
Of my soul, broken to bits,
Slow and shakily I move towards the light,
At the tunnel’s end that sits.