Worth The Fight.

If it’s real, then I must be a lie,

If it hurts, then I’m sure it’s left you shy,

If I’m asleep, someone must lie awake,

If love is sacred, then why do lovers cry. .


When the leaves turn, and skies burn,

Someone somewhere begins to see,

That through the forest of sorrow,

Everyone walked, the one who made it, was he.


If this path is tough, and bruises singe,

Then this road must lead to heaven,

If the tears flow, like never before,

It must be the hour eleven.


If we’re all dying, then why live in fear,

There must be someone, to hold you near,

If god is benign, then you won’t suffer forever,

There must be someone, to hold you dear.


If only we saw, the truth in ourselves,

We’d love a little wiser and true,

If only we looked a little higher,

We’d see why the sky was so blue.


Below the heavens and above the earth,

There lie many mysteries and fables,

Most about love, some about hate,

Some about being across the table.


While we live our lives away,

A little truth I leave you with,

If you don’t lie within your heart,

Your love for another, is but a myth.


When we embrace the colors,

When we welcome the light,

You will see my love,

Life is worth the fight.

9 responses to “Worth The Fight.

  1. Love is worth the fight! If you can begin with your life, with his love, and let his love fill your spirit with his truth then it would be easier to live life. For our life is only the beggining. What does the world offer, that really lasts into the next life? The opportunity to love your brother and sisters as you would love yourself and to love God,humbly. That is a full enduring love that begins within yourself and will blossom in your spirt, while staying with you into the second life, the one that is more eternal. And while you are in this world it will bring your heart, mind and spirit a true longer lasting peace! Beautiful poem Sanya!

  2. Sanya here is a poem i wrote for God but it does have multiple meanings, when i turned and gave my heart to him first , then he brought a love into my life after asking him to bring me someone so i would repeat my same mistakes time after time and i told him would not search for someone but would wait patiently for His answer to come. She came and i have been married over 34 years! Your words are so delicate and meaningful, so i wanted to share this poem with you! You have a wonderful gift and heart which i love! Thanks for the serene melodies that come from your heart!

    “The Same Way

    One sees a rose
    enjoying its beauty,
    its color, and its

    And I look upon
    You that same way.

    I want You, but I do
    not lust after You,
    for I want You
    so completely…

    if that is possible.

    I need You, as I need
    water to survive, for
    I need Your Spirit to live.

    One may see a diamond,
    and inside they desire,
    want, need, and love it…

    In that same way
    I shall aways
    embrace Your love,
    with my eager heart.

    For I desire everything
    that You are, for You
    make my life complete.

    The Brown One Poet
    Copyright 2010,
    All Rights Reserved.

  3. Beautiful poem Sanya!
    I get a small feeling that you’re going back to the feelings of before. Whatever is happening, take care of your heart. I wish you the best. You deserve the best!

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