Watch You From Above.

So this is how it happened,

This was just a ploy,

A spineless being, aren’t you,

And I was nothing but your toy.


Blithely unaware I lived,

For years and years and years,

And this now is my punishment,

To see the reality of all my fears.


So many answers this day has brought,

That I was nothing but a fool,

Why I was always so hot and bothered,

And you nonchalant and cool.


Swathed in realizations bitter blanket,

I hope this heat engulfs me here and now,

Your darkness has left me lost,

I’ve lost my sense of what, why and how.


The girl who stood at the station,

Impatiently waiting for you to arrive,

Is turning away from herself now,

Kill the love now, it must not survive.


The days I spent creating,

A palace out of thin air,

Now just a waste of time and heart,

My soul tells tales of this game, unfair.


The End has finally arrived,

You think what you’ve done is right,

Even her name sounds like mine,

You watch yourself now fight this fight.


In your darkest hours my thought will haunt,

You wont breathe without my name in your head,

Its this fate you’ve brought upon yourself,

And more pain to the world you have fed.


There is plenty that I hid from you as well,

But my heart remained true, as did my love,

You’ve forgotten the gods and Karma,

While I weep away, they watch you from above.

18 responses to “Watch You From Above.

  1. and they will be punished for sure ..

    a sad beautiful poem , as i meantioned earlier a lot of stories are same all over the world .. reminded me of some days and time gone by

  2. that was cool..but also sad:( anyway its nice how u channelized your feelings into a wonderful poem.And you are a strong person,i am sure u ll pull yourself up from the slump you are in.

  3. Very well written and I can feel all you wrote and much of what is between the lines as well. (believe me, I understand)
    I know your precious heart will heal Sanya and you will get all the beautiful things in life that you deserve. I think everything that happens just prepares us for something better, but we need to use what we learn, in my humble opinion.

    • I second every word here. Don’t let any of you get wasted. We’ll get through this. The darkest hour is just before dawn, a better awaits you.

      • My best advice is “give up”
        Does that sound bad and against positive thinking and against all a friend should recommend? Well, depends how you take it. I say give up on that thing that is tormenting your heart. Don’t allow something you can’t control to be a part of you my friend.
        Surrender, I say! Surrender your future into much better things.
        Well, I’m saying too much when I’m not qualified to give advice, but I really believe what I said is what you need.

      • Scott, you are more than qualified. This is what I’ve been trying to do. That what does not make me happy must be separated from you. But what can one do when time and time again something comes along, that is just the push over to the dark side that i’m running for. Your advice keeps me sane…

  4. “The art of losing is not hard to master – some things are so filled with intent of loss, that losing them is no disaster” – Elizabeth Bishop

    this line has immense depth.

  5. I understand how you feel coz I’ve been there and still on that phase, moving on is really hard to do specially if we put so much into it, I am sending lots and hugs to u and hoping u find light after this dark moments of your life just be strong …

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