Not Ever.

Dreaming with my eyes open wide,

Nightmares like vultures glide,

Startled awake every so often,

Disturbed and confused, I’ve fallen.


A tug of war is going on,

Heart and mind, soul and beyond,

Conflict and faith now battle it out,

If only, if only I could shout.


I feel i’m falling, deeper and deeper,

The way out gets steeper and steeper,

Beyond this, I will struggle no more,

I’m shattered, right down to my core.


The power above, wishes to test me,

I’m a house in ruins, don’y you see?

No more I beg, no more of this torture,

This loneliness, is enough of a scorcher.


Must we lay in a bed of thorns always,

Why lie, when we’re in love, anyways,

The same cry, you cry as I do,

We’re one soul, just split into two.


But your word, we have accepted,

Our truth, summarily stands rejected,

This too, like everything else, I’ll suffer,

Its not like this road can get any rougher.


If missing you is dictated by my destiny,

Then fighting the pain, is plain stupidity,

There’s a sweetness, in the pain as well,

A lot like the apple, on Eve that fell.


So with a smile, I’ll do this for you,

I’ll cry rivers of tears, seen just by a few,

My heart shall bear these scars forever,

May you see me, never, not ever.




8 responses to “Not Ever.

  1. The beauty of being human is to always look for light where there is none with The Power of the Secret and you shall prevail.

    To the brave glass is always half full…Living your today well takes a lot out of you but that is what decides your future


  2. hmm well i think when all is lost then there is nothing to worry as nothing more can be lost .. thats the time to get up and work hard as only GAIN is there …

  3. Very painful Sanya, but very well written. 😦
    I can relate too well to the feelings here and it always seems that the greatest attempts to cover them, well, it never works. I hope things take a turn for the better in your heart and you have all you deserve always

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