As Long As You Will Be.

Its another silent day,

Breathing cuz I must,

Eye’s that watch but don’t see,

As our world crumbles to dust.


Beauty in the darkness,

People like us do find,

Some write, some paint,

The pain makes some go blind.


In every nook and cranny,

A verdict in every voice,

They knew we’d fail,

I don’t care, to me, its all noise.


That knot in your throat,

The one that you cant swallow,

Forever there, choking you,

The one making you feel hollow.


I find it in me as well,

Lodged in my heart,

A part of the beating,

An end that precedes the start.


I wonder if there’s a voice,

Calling you from within,

Like the one speaking through me,

Longing for peace to reign.


I wonder if somewhere,

My patience has defeated me,

And if I’ll wait for you,

For as long as you will be.


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