Another Like You.

The many lives that we see around,

Many times we hear their sounds,

Many of us, live ignored,

Then there are few, always adored.


They creep into our closed hearts,

Hearst shut tight by an iron clasp,

And right when the leaves begin to turn,

They walk away, leaving your eyes to burn.


You look around, only to find,

Memories of love, and gestures kind,

A little smile always spreads on my face,

Whenever i remember your comic tales.


Whenever we meet, if ever we do,

I hope to hear of many adventures new,

A few escapades, I’ll share as well,

Of my mischief and freshly served up hell.


We’ll share a laugh, over a cup of tea,

There will be conversation aplenty,

Your advice and wisdom I shall always seek,

Charm like yours, where does one now see…


I’ve looked up to you, like my dad,

I’ve run to you, in times good or bad,

I hope everyone finds too,

I role model like you.


Another story, now comes to the end,

For you, all the rules I’ll bend,

May you go well, wherever you do,

There will never be, another like you.


9 responses to “Another Like You.

  1. Awesome poem Sanya. I think it’s for your mentor again. I can’t avoid pondering how amazing that mentor must be and how a big part of your heart resides with him.

    Happy Thanksgiving! (holiday here)

  2. I am glad to have made a positive impact though I don’t think I deserve so much of a praise. I was just being me and at times its just not good enough.

    Thank you and do well.

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