Prettier In Candlelight.

Many a night I have spent,

Cozy in my material blanket,

Texts buzzing and chats popping,

I’ve been surrounded by the racket.


Then tonight brought along the darkness,

Outraged, i fumed at the outage,

The government sure got an earful,

I called them scum and all kinds of garbage.


Gathering my ammo of matches and candles,

Muttering every expletives under my breath,

I got this dingy show on the road,

Candles everywhere, a date with myself.


My companions for tonight,

The eerie silence and the random light,

Told me all kinds of secret tales,

Of courage, bravery and unseen might.


Hush, said the silence,

Hear what I have to say,

A long way you have come,

Live a little, a little every day,


The candlelight put on a show,

Of dancing shadows on the walls,

It showed me the story,

Of broken souls standing tall.


I was stunned at the fire,

That the silence and shadows brought along,

Heightened senses, and a sharper gut,

Finally brought everything where it belongs.


Even the fish looked more alive,

Mirroring the way I felt,

Calm and serene they swam,

In their bowl, watching the candles melt,


My gift for this night I received,

Faith brought an end to this fight,

I’m glad that I learned something today,

That everything’s just prettier in candlelight.


16 responses to “Prettier In Candlelight.

  1. beautiful..!!

    your poem really makes us think (atleast for once 🙂 ) ourselves without our regular gadgets & gizmos..with these tech support we may find our life easier now, but without them the life is simple. & Simplicity is Beauty..!!

    by the way, i am triporna ghosh, a new blogger and i love penning down my feelings and thoughts, if u can just comment on my posts,,so as to make the future posts better..

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