The Best Kept Secret

“The Secret” I rediscovered today,

My bedside buddy from those long nights,

I’ve missed the wisdom and tales alike,

It’s been out of mind since it fell out of sight.


As simple a read as any, this one,

But it packs a punch like none other,

The message it holds for one and all,

That your desire, is your destiny’s mother.


It taught me a lesson, when I was young,

I was moonstruck and silly in my love for you,

It taught me how it worked, the law of attraction,

And how it was, that love only graced a few.


I drank it all in, and imbibed the message,

Slowly and steadily, I mastered the art,

But never was I known for my student skills,

I got what I wanted, and forgot the rest of the part.


Years have passed, life has come full circle,

I stand right where I was all those years ago,

I guess the time has finally arrived,

To begin the climb, and let life and love together flow.


Why must I weep for your departure,

Or wait for your possible return,

When I can pray and dream of our life instead,

And just let every tear and all the pain burn.


Our stories will always be intertwined,

I feel blessed to have lived the dream,

You helped me develop my attitude of gratitude,

Made me so happy that I could scream.


No more tears I promise you today,

That’s not the welcome I wish for you,

You’ll find the red carpet rolled out,

Along with everything as fresh as dew.


Life is about taking chances,

I took one that didn’t pay,

Lost a gamble, that’s no biggie,

But don’t you forget, to cease the day.


I feel like I found an old friend again,

A friend, guide and philosopher, this book,

It’ll give you the answers that you seek,

Just give it a shot, take a look.


I will us to come to our senses,

I pray, see, and hope for it to manifest,

I will hold on to the remenants of my courage,

I will prove my mettle, I will pass this test.


A little faith, a little hope, a little love will go a long way,

Believe in what you know to be true,

Introduce your destiny to it’s master,

For enlightenment to flow, that’s the cue.


Let’s take charge today, of our minds and souls,

Let’s come together and make a change,

Let’s create a world made up of love,

Where lonliness and anger, just feel strange.


This will work, the fates assure me,

That this time, there will be no regret,

Let the big guy up there work his magic,

While I let you in, on the best kept secret.


10 responses to “The Best Kept Secret

  1. Wow I am always in awe of the ones who can write so beautifully…

    and let the secrets .. one needs to trust the other fully 🙂

    so whats the secret then …

    • You are what you want to be. You only get what you truly want. So attract what you’re missing by believing you have it and deserve it. it’ll come to you. That’s the secret. Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. i don’t know when you read this…..but yes its just another conversation and belief u always had but never thought until u read it….in my moment & tryst with destiny & fate when both seemed to be cold and at its worst…this became my guiding light and i rose from the depths of despair & darkness…now i feel very light …no baggage just bitter sweet memories which come with their own attacks of intensity..but im fine..:)

  3. Life is about taking chances,

    I took one that didn’t pay,

    Lost a gamble, that’s no biggie,

    But don’t you forget, to cease the day.

    —–How beautiful!! “The one that didn’t pay” is so moving. By the way, did you write this poem or is it from “The Secret?” (I’ve never read The Secret, so I don’t know)

    • Hey.. thanks for reading 🙂
      I wrote the poem, but I was inspired by the Secret.. It found its way back to me after many years.
      If you haven’t read it, you should give it a shot.

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