Follow your Bliss.

Its 4 AM and I’m wide awake,

Unnerved by the silence in the house,

The streets are quiet as can be,

And to witness the calm, there’s you and me.


The stillness that follows a storm,

Is the very worst of its kind,

Its evidence of the destruction effected,

Singlehandedly by the truth we rejected.


At the break of dawn I stand,

Right where I was at dusk,

Twilight brought no revelations,

I stand frozen forever in consternation.


Wish there was a book we could turn to,

A book of love that had all the answers,

To the impossible questions in our minds,

The answers to which no one ever finds.


Let me meet those people they talk about,

Those that have been successful in love,

I want to riddle them these circumstances,

Where we’re deprived of even stolen glances.


Its 4 PM in the evening now,

I sit right where I did as we spoke,

Of love and life, in the past years,

You forgot it all and memorized the fears.


In blanket lies all the reality,

Where it rightfully does belongs,

Of something as pure and precious,

You cannot be so cavalier and suspicious.


Forgive my youth and incapability,

Maybe I cannot see what you do,

But trust the innocence that it brings along,

There’s no one else to whom we may belong.


Your words are the same as mine,

Just the intent behind them is different,

While you taint your words with devastation,

I line mine with the courage of conviction.


It seems like the clock stopped ticking,

Since that fateful day months ago,

I don’t see what changed so much,

That can justify your word’s painful touch.


The sun is now slowly setting,

I see such symbolism in everything now,

Like this day, we too are engulfed in grey,

For there to be light, I can only pray.


What has become of me,

Is your astounded query dear one,

Emotional fool or a nervous wreck,

It’s your call really, take your pick.


Try as we might, we seem to be failing,

At killing the last flicker of hope,

I hear your voice and it grows again,

Effervescent, just like Champaign.


Two steps forward, and four steps back,

It’s a constant battle to make a move,

On towards the opposite direction,

Alas, I’m drawn right back in your arm’s protection.


Countless hours I have spent,

Trying to point a finger at the culprit,

Was it your aloofness or my insecurity,

That lost us a lifetime of loving sanctuary.


I wait for you to stand face to face,

I need to see the truth in your eyes,

For there to exist a chance for me to reason,

This unforgivable act of high treason.


I do not promise to wait for the judgement,

That you might eventually arrive at,

I cannot promise you my tomorrow,

My very existence, seems to fill you with sorrow.


But I do ask for one last wish,

Grant this to me as your parting gift,

Promise me one last goodnight kiss,

And promise me that you’ll always, follow your bliss.