Take A Bow…

 Yeah the time has arrived,

Finally, your focus has shifted

You were never where I was,

The fog has finally lifted.


Your purpose seems to have been achieved,

You’ve clearly sorted through your priorities,

More fool me to have expected any different,

You always did dot your i’s and cross your t’s.


You, my dear, are a twisted artist,

The art of deception I must learn from you,

I envy the way you dress up your lies,

And make them feel more real than the truth.


Stupid lil me, that I followed you around,

With butterflies in my stomach, and stars in my eyes,

I fooled myself into believing this myth called love,

I honestly believed you were my private sunrise.


I’ll let this vitriol flow freely today,

For I stand today at my breaking point,

With this sight that you’ve shown me boy,

All the  dots apear to be joined.


Man, do you paint an ugly picture,

You make me feel ugly too,

How the hell does one turn so blind,

To ignore each and every last clue .


This game that you have invented,

Where you walk over our lives,

While it might be a hoot for you,

Trust me, its not worth the asked price.


If every moment that I need you,

Is your cue to exit stage right,

Then take back your love and promises,

I can’t take much more of this fight.


Broken is my self today,

Along with its respect and dignity,

A river of tears has been wasted,

I could have used it over an eternity.


A friend once said that closure is a bitch,

Always thought it was too much of a fuss,

But I must agree with him now, after you and me,

He seems to be much wiser than us.


My eyes burn through the skull,

And the heart forces its way through my throat,

Alarmingly my stomach turns inside out,

I’m seasick, and I’m not even on a boat.


This I’m sure is nothing, considering,

The debacle I’ve put you through,

I dont deny you your suffering,

But  if I’m a sadist, then so are you.


I changed my stand, you say,

Why, you’re absoulutely right,

At least I took one, and stood beside you,

I dare you to choose me, if you might.


If goodbye must come this way,

Then I welcome it with open arms,

You’re leaving so I might be happy,

Why dont you ‘fess up, turn off your charm.


The truth, I can only guess,

Is that you’re playing it safe from afar,

Then falling in love was clearly a misstep,

Its like being hit by a falling star.


Pathetic I know it is,

To still want to be with you,

I guess that’s how filthy love is,

It scares you of anything new.


My punishment, I shall live,

Don’t you worry about that,

Worry about yourself, my love,

The day of judgement will see through your crap.


Just pray that we find a painless end,

We’ve lived through enough now,

Let life take what’s left of us,

We got played, now take a bow….


6 responses to “Take A Bow…

  1. i keep coming back to read what i have lived and ur words seem to be my words..don’t feel like taking the knife that had been stabbed in my back by my very own of once upon a time just because of the fear that i will repeat my folly or perhaps i have started deriving pleasure from the pain i get by re living the thoughts let go is never easy ………………………..i take a bow for this one

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