The Moment of Truth.

You and I are strangers by day,

But we both unite by nightfall,

Captured in the trappings of life,

Dreams bring us together in our rise and fall.


Every one has that one secret desire,

For which no sacrifice is too much,

And we would move mountains,

Just for that one elusive touch.


We might be as contrary as chalk and cheese,

But we are one amongst the crowd,

And there runs a story, through the both of us,

Screaming to be told out aloud.


Your needs having gone unanswered,

My cries for help having gone unheard,

Our lives seem to have been wasted,

Ignoring the unobserved.


What you were looking for, I never possessed,

What you offered, I never needed,

Like those who desire what is in another’s hand,

The warning of the fates, i never heeded.


The beggar, the borrower and the thief,

Live the desperation of deprivation within,

While the father, son and the holy ghost,

Grant the wishes of other men.


The woman, wife and mother,

Only ever wanted to be loved and accepted,

The man, husband and father,

Was only too afraid of being rejected.


Turning their backs on love in the day,

And longing for each other at night,

The same two people together will live,

Constantly in love, and forever in a fight.


Some tire and some waste away,

Some lose their sanity, purpose and reason,

But a few that stand braver, still persevere,

Their patience and perspiration, sees many a season.


I wish that we could understand the beauty,

Of the fact that love is the only life flow,

The vessel of the desire, and the path to its attainment,

Is chosen wisely by those in the know.


We’re all the same, at the end of the day,

Doing what needs to be done,

We let our minds trample over our hearts,

As we chant, “this show must go on.”


The vision of validation and vindication,

Keeps us on the path, that is walked by many,

Of sweat, blood and tears,

To deliver us from our sins and lead us to our destiny.


People across the world, just like you and I,

Must be living this very same life,

Man kills what he loves most, they say,

I wonder if they too, like us, to each other took a knife.


I wonder if you too, like them stand here today,

Questioning all that transpired in our tempestuous youth,

The answers that we seek, lie within our black souls,

Upon us today, is our inescapable moment of truth.

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