The Great Divide

Time heals all, I was told,

But that’s just a wives tale, too old.

The longer my heart goes without its drug,

The sicker it gets and craves your hug.


Ah, the humanistic folly I see,

In the misery brought upon us by me,

That you might send us to the slaughter,

I’ll still be yours, come hell or high water.


Fatal is the pain of being apart,

It’s beyond the strengths of my treacherous heart,

Any signs of recovery and it crawls back into its shell,

Yet desperately seeking a way out of its own hell.


I wish this one time, that like always my memory fails me,

And may I be spared the thought of those moments at sea,

Try as I might I can’t escape the coming years,

That hold the promise of much darkness and many fears.


After all, you have always been all that I know,

With you I learnt how to live, and go with the flow,

You taught me how far one can go in love,

And how everyone’s destinies are written in the stars above.


While I keep those lessons buried deep within,

I cannot forgive you for letting me commit this sin,

You waited until I was near recovery,

To let me drown in the bottomless lake of your misery.


True, I sent you there before,

Ignorant of how it would freeze you to your core,

The virtue of being selfish, is really underrated,

I wish you were selfish too, and had preserved what we created.


Not passing the buck here, not one bit honey,

But I must admit, I find our end mildly funny,

Where your love for me is alive, but the faith has gone,

And from a cold skeptic like me, a dead poet is born.


I wonder how you are doing since we last spoke,

If you still curse me for the way your heart I broke,

If you too have trouble sleeping and speaking aloud,

If just like me, you now too live in a dark cloud.


Why must we suffer so, and unfairly always,

Why must I miss you, and reminisce of lost days,

Why cant I stop this avalanche of regret,

Why can’t I erase the moment we met.


It’s true, I wish I’d never met you.

It been a fight, a struggle, a battle, to name a few,

The good times were few, and far apart,

And so the pessimist in me, decided to depart.


I wish you had held on, a little bit stronger,

I wish you had stayed, just a little longer,

I wish you were still my beloved anchor,

And I wasn’t the sole object of your rancour.


One realizes what they had once its gone,

I stand in the spot today, that once you were on,

Clichéd, but you were right back then,

We can’t do without each other, you’re my best friend.


But realization dawned on me too late,

You and your love, weren’t willing to wait,

So you packed your bags and moved out,

I couldn’t call you back, though i did scream and shout.


That day was my own apocalypse,

In a moment, gone were the years of our courtship,

Thus began the end of our lives.

And we were thrown across, the great divide…

8 responses to “The Great Divide

  1. Am i ever going to read on way things change post the divide…perhaps something like a dawning of new era…I m sure it can’t be dismal…coz we all want to be happy and we cannot stay in one state for long….u really touch the person’s heart like a dagger pierced deep into one’s heart …i wonder whether you have read thornbirds by stephen king…..letting go is so damn darn hard……………are u nd me on same boat but the tides have been hit differently by both of us…thats why the connect?

  2. No, one is not always in the same state… its just that i hate to go through all these stages by myself. I’m sure you understand how it feels to sit alone in a loveseat. specially when you know why the place next to you is empty. I know i’m dwelling on things i cant control, but the heart always wants what it cant have. I’ll make it a point to read thornbirds. I’m grateful that you read my stuff. the fact that someone’s going through the same pain makes it easier to deal with.. somehow….

    • now i get it why i like what u write ….its all because of the pain thats inside me someone has put it in words and i find solace in re reading it…but the emotional fool in me clings on to this heart wrenching vaccum which a moron cold hearted creep left even these angry words i say is just plain love for the cold hearted which i am never able to let go and then the logical me says grow out of it before u regret,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,coz gng back is not an option anymore and even if i get a chance i will not ……………………

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