The Unchanged.

Its said that some things never change,

You are one of those things for me,

My heart will always skip a beat,

Whenever your text or call I’ll see.


Even after all this time,

I lie sleepless at night,

Still waiting for your call, kiddo,

Waiting for you to say goodnight.


Even now, the rain makes me remember,

How we both were soaked to the bone,

Every time we walked out that September,

We were drenched as we ran back home.


 It’s said that somethings never change,

You will continue to be on my mind,

You will be my thought, first and last,

I’ll always believe you to be the best of your kind.


All my plans, will be for two,

You will continue to be the best in me,

All I do, will be dedicated to you,

To the door of our happiness, you will always have the key.


Some things, never do really change,

Like how grateful I am for you,

I should have spoken up sooner,

And maybe you’d have been grateful for me too…


I know how it must hurt,

For someone like you to be on the fence,

Knowing the dreams that were lost,

We cry for what is no more, and let the misery commence.


Some things never really change,

Like a secret’s mystery, and a lover’s desire,

With you I learnt the beauty of both,

And promptly proceeded to set it on fire.


I know the part of me that didn’t change,

Incapable as it was of carrying on without you,

That cursed itself over its recklessness,

And for losing you, beat itself black and blue.


I sleep with the demons of regret,

And wake with the witches of sorrow,

I live with the ghost of the past,

A shroud of black covers my tomorrow.


Don’t fool yourself, this isn’t a fatalist talking,

The time for that is long gone,

I’m being honest, maybe for the very first time,

To you, I always will belong.


What has changed, if anything,

Is that I now know the rules of the game,

When someone lays down their life for you,

It’s for more than just a right to your name.


And so while I sit and ponder,

Over all that I could have done differently,

Increasingly obvious to me it becomes,

That this really should have gone beautifully.


You were all that I had ever prayed for,

All my wishes and hopes for you,

I guess somewhere I met the evil eye,

And from a team, we came down to two.


So much changed in the past few months,

But your voice remains the same,

I still hear the smile in it,

Whenever I hear you take my name.


I hope fate undoes my wrongs,

Now that you wont let me near,

No matter how much I try to fix it,

In your heart, I’ve planted too much fear.


You will heal with time, I know,

Stronger than most I’ve seen you are,

I will wilt with time, you’ll see,

Helplessly you’ll see from afar.


I raise a toast to you, my dear, and to your mighty heart,

You’ve beaten me at my own game,

I bow in surrender to you, my dear,

And hand over my claim to fame.


9 responses to “The Unchanged.

  1. I sleep with the demons of regret,

    And wake with the witches of sorrow,

    I live with the ghost of the past,

    Now a shroud of black covers my tomorrow.

    excellent lines. loved the ending too. 🙂

  2. well they say change is inevitable then how come the most fluid of emotion become frozen and unchanged with time…..v intriguing…u might b thinking I am a nut case…but the poems are thought provoking and want me to take it fwd……whats it with u girl a heart wrenching experience not going to leave you till u end up in grave……thats where we all go wrng…or may be right?

  3. they also say that after a while, one gets addicted to pain. its at least a reminder of what we’re trying to hold on to. change comes depending on how willing we are to let go. and if i’m right about that, then i guess you’re right too… i might as well end up in the grave… there are some things in life one cannot simply “get over”.. i guess one shouldn’t even try. and that’s where this came from. i wont try to fix what is broken.

  4. I think this one is my favourite. It says all that there is to be said. Also, it drips with honesty and that’s a quality that is rare to find in a world and time like ours.

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