Curtain Call

Crowded rooms and lonely streets,

Lost amongst them, there’s you and me,

I’ll ease your pain, i’ll narrate a rhyme,

Just this one time, i’ll charge no fee.


There once was a pair of lovers here,

Thick as thieves they had been,

In a love, as deep as the ocean,

To start this journey, they were so keen.


They played games aplenty,

Each other’s heart and mind their toy,

The world their play ground,

She felt like the only girl, and he the only boy.


Happy go lucky were the two,

With dreams young and hopes galore,

Down the yellow brick road they went,

Euphoric, like never before.


As all such stories go,

This one too unravelled at its pace,

With starry eyes and floating gait,

Waiting for sunrise, so one could see the other’s face.


Until one such day arrived,

When the tussle went beyond fun and games,

You crossed the line, she said,

Now watch this saga, go up in flames.


Patiently he waited, in the wings,

Longing for her return, to hold her again,

But hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,

Her tears flowed freely, much like the rain.


Let me tell you, this was no ordinay lovers spat,

Fiery was the maiden, and stubborn was the knight,

They faught this battle, in their hearts turning the knife,

No, unlike the others, this was no ordinary fight.


Strong of will was she, and  move on she did,

Just this niggling thought remained,

Always lurking in the corner,

A prophecy, there was something else for them ordained.


As it must, life carried on,

So did the nights, all empty, all forlorn,

Nothing fruitful, of their year apart was born,

At each other’s thought, they were both torn.


And so the sands of time flowed, as did they with it,

Until that fateful day, when they found their paths crossing,

A glimpse of the other, reignited was the fire,

Weeping bodies clung together, the past, finally seemed to be passing.


A good a story as any, this too now ends,

At least this revealation is tame,

The last act of this play, i’ll keep a secret,

What lies behind the curtain, just might set it aflame…


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