As I Watched You Sleep…

Its been a while,
Since I saw you smile.

Beyond just the vast distances,
Between us are these instances.

They take me back,
To the time, when you were under, my attack.

You took it all, like a man.
Wish I’d known, it was a part of your plan.

To paint a picture of a flower,
As I fell under your spell, and your power.

What was it, your love, or magic?
Look at us now, so tragic.

Those nights that I watched you sleeping,
Wondering if there was a secret that you were keeping.

I told myself- in love there’s no place for insecurity,
In your eyes, there was always such purity.

But, like North and South, we’re contrary poles.
Always divided by our individual goals.

I still held my breath, in anticipation.
My faith in a harmony in creation.

We walked this far, only to come crashing,
All my nights, spent in agony, with limbs thrashing.

Come back, my heart longingly cries,
Dearly, to move on, it tries.

Like Hansel and Gretal, I follow the trail of bread,
With each step, I’m so filled with dread.

The path now more than ever is winding,
The light of the truth, has never been so blinding.

All my mistakes now look me in the face,
Should I succumb? Handle it with grace?

Or will you come, and hold my hand,
Walk with me, let’s make castles in the sand.

But like every dream, mine too, now must shatter.
Can you hear it, its my voice,bruised and battered.

All that’s left for me, is to miss you and weep.
As I remember those nights, how beautiful you looked, as I watched you sleep…

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