All By My Lonesome.

The walk down memory lane, ain’t for the faint of heart.
It takes guts, it takes gumption, it takes might.

Many go down that road. Forgetting how everything can be fixed in hindsight.
Charging they go, lemme fix it- make it right.
Poor unsuspecting kid, does she not see, gone is the night.

The wrong doesn’t stand corrected.
All that’s left is memories, and the pain, resurrected.

Hold your breath darling, this journey gets worse.
Whether you’ll be cured, you know not,
For the cards you played, that’s your curse.

You know right now the goings’ tough.
Wait and watch, it gets worse, it gets rough.

You hope and pray, that you get him, in the stead of your last wish,
Fate laughs in your face.
You watch the future swim away, swift as a fish.

Cry not. Don’t repent.
For you, he now resents.
Standing unfazed and immovable like a statue,
My call for mercy and love, falls on deaf ears,
All is not lost, my heart reminds me, for patience is a virtue.

Born with your destiny, like him, you were.
Don’t retrace your steps, looking for unseen signs.
The one who deserves him, maybe you aren’t her.

And now that its over, you stand all by your lonesome.
Worry not darling, keep telling yourself it wasn’t meant to be, he’s not the one.
And now that its over, you stand all by your lonesome,
Always in the folly of your lies, remember, its your own doing, that now you’re away from your “someone”.

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