Always You.

Walking down the street today,

I saw a glimpse of the past,

A young couple walked hand in hand,

I wondered if this one would last.

What used to be, you and me,

Now is a thing forgotten,

It’s the talk of the town, this morsel of gossip,

What once was envied, now stands rotten.

Mama always said, when I was young,

Fate decides, your when and why,

You cant hurry love, it is destined and timed,

And so in your arms, I felt I could fly…

Many a suitor came and went,

While and before you arrived,

But none, like you, sent my heart aflutter,

From you, then I was derived.

The beauty of our belonging, my dear,

Could only grow with time,

All the naughty escapades, and adventures so exciting,

They all inspire me today, and to you I dedicate this rhyme.

While our run, did come to pass,

My disposition shall remain the same,

Without you, there will be no colour,

On my lips, you’ll always find your name.

Time will pass, our lives will change,

Several seasons will come and go,

The one thing, that will remain,

Is the life and love that you and I know.

I miss you, and your voice,

Those sweet words that you said,

Last night as you let me go,

In my heart, they shall remain, like the tears, upon my bed.

I wish you many things, my love,

Luck, my share and yours of glory,

When you stand beside another,

I pray, that you forget this story.

I pen this down for me alone,

Years later to read and remember,

That I was once divinely blessed,

To be so loved by another.

This memory I shall carry with me,

To all the places, old and new,

Whenever someone asks what I’m thinking of,

My answer, will always be you…

Midnight meandering..

The sun dont shine, the moon is dull,
In the air, there’s a dreadful lull.
Crying away into the night, no comfort, its a constant fight.
Today I’m tired and weary, without you, my tomorrows looks dreary.
Come sooner, then later.
This that I find in my heart, this huge crater, its yours to fill…
This loneliness, you or me, who is it trying to kill….

A Thought…

Its her wandering mind and restless soul…
Heart in decay, black as coal.

The self she sees in the mirror,
The sad owner, of this error.

Calm on the outside, a violent storm within,
This boat’s arocking, waves crashin’ in.

Nowhere to run, and none to hide,
She drowns along her love and pride…

All By My Lonesome.

The walk down memory lane, ain’t for the faint of heart.
It takes guts, it takes gumption, it takes might.

Many go down that road. Forgetting how everything can be fixed in hindsight.
Charging they go, lemme fix it- make it right.
Poor unsuspecting kid, does she not see, gone is the night.

The wrong doesn’t stand corrected.
All that’s left is memories, and the pain, resurrected.

Hold your breath darling, this journey gets worse.
Whether you’ll be cured, you know not,
For the cards you played, that’s your curse.

You know right now the goings’ tough.
Wait and watch, it gets worse, it gets rough.

You hope and pray, that you get him, in the stead of your last wish,
Fate laughs in your face.
You watch the future swim away, swift as a fish.

Cry not. Don’t repent.
For you, he now resents.
Standing unfazed and immovable like a statue,
My call for mercy and love, falls on deaf ears,
All is not lost, my heart reminds me, for patience is a virtue.

Born with your destiny, like him, you were.
Don’t retrace your steps, looking for unseen signs.
The one who deserves him, maybe you aren’t her.

And now that its over, you stand all by your lonesome.
Worry not darling, keep telling yourself it wasn’t meant to be, he’s not the one.
And now that its over, you stand all by your lonesome,
Always in the folly of your lies, remember, its your own doing, that now you’re away from your “someone”.

As I Watched You Sleep…

Its been a while,
Since I saw you smile.

Beyond just the vast distances,
Between us are these instances.

They take me back,
To the time, when you were under, my attack.

You took it all, like a man.
Wish I’d known, it was a part of your plan.

To paint a picture of a flower,
As I fell under your spell, and your power.

What was it, your love, or magic?
Look at us now, so tragic.

Those nights that I watched you sleeping,
Wondering if there was a secret that you were keeping.

I told myself- in love there’s no place for insecurity,
In your eyes, there was always such purity.

But, like North and South, we’re contrary poles.
Always divided by our individual goals.

I still held my breath, in anticipation.
My faith in a harmony in creation.

We walked this far, only to come crashing,
All my nights, spent in agony, with limbs thrashing.

Come back, my heart longingly cries,
Dearly, to move on, it tries.

Like Hansel and Gretal, I follow the trail of bread,
With each step, I’m so filled with dread.

The path now more than ever is winding,
The light of the truth, has never been so blinding.

All my mistakes now look me in the face,
Should I succumb? Handle it with grace?

Or will you come, and hold my hand,
Walk with me, let’s make castles in the sand.

But like every dream, mine too, now must shatter.
Can you hear it, its my voice,bruised and battered.

All that’s left for me, is to miss you and weep.
As I remember those nights, how beautiful you looked, as I watched you sleep…

Curtain Call

Crowded rooms and lonely streets,

Lost amongst them, there’s you and me,

I’ll ease your pain, i’ll narrate a rhyme,

Just this one time, i’ll charge no fee.


There once was a pair of lovers here,

Thick as thieves they had been,

In a love, as deep as the ocean,

To start this journey, they were so keen.


They played games aplenty,

Each other’s heart and mind their toy,

The world their play ground,

She felt like the only girl, and he the only boy.


Happy go lucky were the two,

With dreams young and hopes galore,

Down the yellow brick road they went,

Euphoric, like never before.


As all such stories go,

This one too unravelled at its pace,

With starry eyes and floating gait,

Waiting for sunrise, so one could see the other’s face.


Until one such day arrived,

When the tussle went beyond fun and games,

You crossed the line, she said,

Now watch this saga, go up in flames.


Patiently he waited, in the wings,

Longing for her return, to hold her again,

But hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,

Her tears flowed freely, much like the rain.


Let me tell you, this was no ordinay lovers spat,

Fiery was the maiden, and stubborn was the knight,

They faught this battle, in their hearts turning the knife,

No, unlike the others, this was no ordinary fight.


Strong of will was she, and  move on she did,

Just this niggling thought remained,

Always lurking in the corner,

A prophecy, there was something else for them ordained.


As it must, life carried on,

So did the nights, all empty, all forlorn,

Nothing fruitful, of their year apart was born,

At each other’s thought, they were both torn.


And so the sands of time flowed, as did they with it,

Until that fateful day, when they found their paths crossing,

A glimpse of the other, reignited was the fire,

Weeping bodies clung together, the past, finally seemed to be passing.


A good a story as any, this too now ends,

At least this revealation is tame,

The last act of this play, i’ll keep a secret,

What lies behind the curtain, just might set it aflame…